How to open RAR and ZIP files on a PC, Mac or mobile device

If you have already received an e-mail with attachment rar or zip, and did not know how to open it, then this guide can help you answer your questions. These are two popular compressed file formats, which are used to reduce the number of files take up space – handy when you want to send an email, or store data for long term storage.

Even if you know how to open it on your computer, you may find it a little harder on your phone or tablet, but with the right software, it is easy to do, no matter what device you use. In the Mac and PC software like WinZip and WinRAR easily open a file, but not the simplest tools that we found. Read on to find the best way to decompress a file:


zip opening files is easy in Windows. If you have Windows 7 or 8, the operating system can open zip files without any software. open rar files require a free tool called 7-Zip. Once you install the 7-Zip, follow these steps to open rar files:

1) Click on the file rar be opened.
2) Select “7-Zip> Extract Files”.

3) In the pop-up box that appears, select the folder where you want to extract the compressed files and click “OK”. If you choose “Extract here” instead, the files are saved in the folder where the file store.


To open rar files on Mac OS X, you must install a free application free extraction Extractor RAR rar. Once installed, follow these steps:

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1) Click on the zip file and select “Open With.”

2) Next, select RAR Extractor free program list. This automatically extract the file contents in the rar file.

After opening a file with “Open with” once, future files can be decompressed by double clicking on the file.


Because IOS restrictions on access to the file system, open compressed files is not easy. Most applications will be asked to pay for access to storage services in the cloud such as Dropbox. However, there are free applications with advertising such as Zip and RAR Extractor Free file that allow you to open compressed files. Here’s how.

1) Open the application that the rar file. If you were sent by email and open the email application. If it is a cloud storage app, then open it.

2) Press the zip or rar you want to open.

3) Depending on the application, or see one, requiring the application you want to open the file or see an error stating that the application can not open the pop-up file menu.

4) If you see it, press the action button (a box with an arrow pointing upwards).

5) This will bring up the menu shown in Step 3. Then select Open from the zip puller to open the archive.

6) press Retrieve to view the files that were in the rar file.


Extract the files easily compressed with Android. Here is how you can do it quickly.

1) Install RAR free for Android application.

2) Open the application and go to the folder containing the zip file. To find your SD card, press the icon “three books” at the top left.

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3) Once you’ve found the rar file, simply tap it to open it.

BlackBerry 10

Although there are a large number of applications to open rar files on the BlackBerry App World, two of the free we have not really tried to open the files. Fortunately BlackBerry 10 users can install Android applications – we recommend you to install the Amazon Appstore to simplify the process.

1) Amazon Head and follow the instructions to download and install the Appstore.

2) Now, from the Appstore Install Easy Unzip and open the application.

3) If one rar file is obtained as an attachment email, reading the file opens in easy Unzip.

4) If the file is on your phone, easy to open Unzip and go to the folder containing the file.

5) Check the RAR file to open and click “Open File”. Then select the files you want to delete and press “Extract”.

windows phone

Microsoft Windows Phone is a free application to help open rar files. Go through these instructions to open them.

1) Install Archiver Windows Phone store.

2) Once the application is installed, all of the rar files in email attachments, once these keys are open.

3) You can also open the application to open rar files downloaded. Swipe left to access SkyDrive open rar files stored in the cloud.