Organizing Closet and Dresser

I have a lot of clothes, and dozens of houses where I lived, many have had very little storage space. This is more than 12 years worth of advice about how to put your things in the minimum of space you have. Women can benefit more from these tips, but men can learn a thing or two!

Link personal images below are of this album in my wardrobe the current situation.
general Tips

Use all available space, but keep it organized.
Keep clothing off season (winter / summer) of the road.
It is more likely to bring something if you can see.
Keep 2/1 empty brackets for quick-n-dirty cleaning.
Do not forget the back of deep shelves, and the high places running.
Hanging clothes
Try installing a second rod above his master. This basically doubles your wardrobe. Buy a stool (my preference) or a bearing rod for access. I have often made myself on the cheap, looking around tutorials or visit your home improvement local store.
assorted hangers makes everything look so nice. Mangano have such joy and love, SO. I bought a packet of 200 or so when it was on special. It’s worth it.
Cascading hooks are bloody genius and work with almost any hanger. Use both!
You can get a step-hanger for skirts. Mine is over 30 years old and still going strong.
I have yet to find the perfect hanger available in the market skirt, but you must have spring-clips and Smooth Rubber grips. Joy Mangano clips to suck Do not waste your money.
folded clothes
Fold all knitted items to avoid suspension bumps. This includes most of the sweaters, shirts, blouses.
You have deep shelves? Fold the right clothes. If you have the space behind your folded clothes (ie, deep shelves) store their sandals off-season / sweaters back there. (Council 2 and 5 combo!)
If you use a dresser or other drawers, clothes stacked vertically instead of horizontally. (See note 3.) I do it for everything, including stockings, socks, pajamas and even underwear! Furthermore, doubling your underwear saves space, but people can call the TOC. Weigh your options carefully!
For open shelf, do not piled so high that falls.
Feel free to use additional existing shelves shelves.
Shoes and boots
Use an over-the-door shoe organizer I prefer the latter the hang-on-the-closet wardrobe versions because is so valuable. Ideally, look for ones where you can put both shoes in a slot. This is what I have and I love it.
small cheap shelves are perfect for boots. Check your local Craigslist for cheapies.
Some people like to keep their original boxes shoes, but it violates the tip 3.
Stuff bags with fabric to maintain its shape. When a bag is used, allow the fabric holding space.
Sitting on a shelf instead of suspending them to avoid the handles to stretch.
Use bookends to keep. I built my own.
If you have to spend, use a hanger on the door or the useful thing (on the other side of the door of his shoes) for hanging bags and even hats. Potentially keeping some of these open hooks (4) peak.
For bags used less frequently, to create a drawer of a lengthy start-up box. Align in the box, and slide it into a rack – ideal for deep shelves (point 5).
I like having a bowl junk / box / space for things that often, but not always keep in my bag as hand sanitizer or a different size portfolio.
other accessories
scarves hanging racks towel you can get one for less than $ 4 to your improving the local habitat. I have two inside a closet door, but I also had this hanging on a platter starter (see above) on the front wall.
For belts, jewelry, sunglasses, and basically everything else ever buy some hooks screw loose in the home improvement store, and leave no place on the wall or an open cabinet. These are also very useful in the kitchen. They work best if a hole is made first.
Corral small objects in open boxes, pots, cups and purchased at thrift stores.
The products that you intend to rarely used can be hidden in boxes. It is Ikea, and keep an organization travel kit, underwear for special occasions, and hats.
Create more space

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Buy a closet, that’s what I did!
Are you handy? Build a closet in a corner!
Just kind of practice? Get a stud-finder, drilling, supports closet, shelf and closet rod. Install the brackets, add high shelf, drag the bar instead. Be careful with how much you weigh your wardrobe; you can have more than two of these supports. Note: Once you have installed the platform, then had a towel rod beneath scarves and below the plateau was boots.
Get a self-supporting frame. I have one in my pantry for coats. Anyway, it works.
Many photos are of my storage situation has two separate toilets and a large closet, so much space remains vacant. However, soon he moved to a small apartment where I will have a convenient and half a closet!

So tell me, what other advice would you give to organizing closet and space savings (or create)?