Preparing the room to sleep better

Imagine a space dedicated to luxury sleep disorder – a room where everything from the smell in the air over the leaves is carefully chosen to enhance the feeling of relaxation, peace and (yawn …) sleep. Has opaque shades, here are 10 little things now, bedtime rituals for smart storage solutions to help turn your bedroom into the ultimate dream cave.

That keep on your nightstand. Keep up your night table and just tidy with some of these items at bedtime:

Bud vase of fresh flowers
current book
Vela (off) with a relaxing aroma (try lavender)
Cup of herbal tea or water pitcher

Make the comfort of your priority. too fussy details like beads and sequins, or rigid materials and coarse sand, are less than a restful night’s sleep. When choosing bedding, be sure to choose is delightfully tangible – think cashmere cotton sheets and get comfortable.

Linen is cool in summer and can last forever if properly maintained. You can feel nubby (a little hard) or smooth and soft, so try to feel their leaves in person before buying.
cotton percale is what you want if you like the feel of paper “red”. This classic fabric is soft but firm and works well in warm climates.
satin cotton is very soft and smooth, almost silky. It may not be the best choice during hot weather.

Try one of these relaxing bedtime rituals:

Prepare a cup of herbal tea (chamomile treat with honey)
Read something relaxing or stimulating, like some beautiful poems or inspirational book
Slowly lower the lights above the last hour before sunset, ending with just a candle, then blow
Take a relaxing bath with lavender or rose oil
Spritz Spray scented with lavender clothing linens and pillows
Play the same relaxing playlist every night before drifting
carpet rug or not? It feels plush carpeting underfoot, so it is particularly attractive for stepping early in the morning, and can help muffle the sounds for a more relaxing atmosphere. However, if the child is allergic to dust, carpet is very difficult to keep free of dust, so it is best to ignore what is. If you like the feel of the carpet, but it has to be able to clean floors frequently commitment washable on top of a hard floor carpets.
Rethinking the TV. The screens emit blue light that can make it difficult to sleep. Keep the TV (and other devices) outside the room, and commit to reading a real book (in the real paper, not an electronic reader!) Before bedtime.

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The clean air. Allergies or allergies, which can benefit from sleep in a clean and healthy room. Here are some ways to keep cool air in your room and clean throughout the year:

Use an air purifier with a HEPA filter to remove dust, pollen and air pollutants
Keep a houseplant or two in the bedroom (rubber plants are particularly good at cleaning the air)
Make the bedroom in a non-shoes
Vacuum and dust weekly (including under the bed), more often if you have allergies
Open windows to ventilate the area for at least 30 minutes every morning
Choose natural fibers and materials that do not contain harmful VOCs