How to overcome depression and fear ?

How to overcome depression? When there is more than one bad phase

NOT NEED a reason to be depressed

Before going into the nuances of depression, what triggers and how to overcome it, we will first understand one of the most common perceptions related to depression. When you are depressed, there is always a particular reason behind it. According to Dr. Madhu Sarin, a psychoanalyst and independent practitioner, “Under normal circumstances, you know the cause of his sadness and also how to overcome the current situation.” But when talking about depression, one is not really able to destroy the reason behind the feeling of tristeza.Le it happens that one day you wake up and find it very difficult to get out of bed.

Dr. Sarin also explains how our brain and neurological functions, our emotional health and other psychological and social factors can come together to trigger depression. When there are complications in our neurons or neurological transmitters, it is when the drug role comes into play. Emotional or psychological imbalances can often be checked with therapy and counseling. “It’s like when sometimes know the reason behind the fever, while many other times have no idea what might have decreased with fever,” said Dr. Sarin.

According to Dr. Sarin, more often than not our coping mechanism is incapable of dealing with a traumatic situation or event; This is anchored in the psyche and may surface later in the form of clinical depression. Not everyone is equipped with the same set of skills to cope with a stressful or emotional event. Most people around us can be extremely sensitive, so a depressive condition can also be a combination of past events, personality and effectiveness of the coping mechanism.

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The challenge then is to determine if the person is going through a bad phase or is it something that needs immediate attention and professional help. How can you differentiate a mood spell changes the appearance of mild clinical depression? Dr. Achal Bhagat, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist and Founder of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals explains that depressive disorder is a condition in which melancholy (sadness) combined with anhedonia (lack of interest in Activities that were once enjoyable). If this persists for more than two weeks and also combined with feelings of despair, low self-esteem, sleep disorders and appetite, it may be a sign of the onset of clinical depression. In such situations, it is essential to seek professional help.
Are you depressed, unknowingly?

Dr. Deepika Gupta, PhD in Psychology at the Institute of Medical Sciences, India (AIIMS) and Regional Director of Dynamic Human analyzes a few factors that can help determine the onset of mild clinical depression. “There are several biological markers, as well as other social and psychological patterns of behavior that may help to understand whether the onset of depression is imminent,” actions. These include the following symptoms that persist for at least 14 days:

– Melancholy (sadness)

– Anhedonia (lack of interest in things and activities that are usually preferred by only one person)

– Sudden social withdrawal; Social behavior has changed

– Feeling tired, tired, lethargic, irritable and tired mentally all day

– Leave self-esteem


– Repeating mistakes of inattention at work

– Swings and explosions of anger fast and sudden mood

– Sleep disorders; insomnia

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– Poor Memory


– Eating disorders; Loss of appetite or eating too much

– sudden fluctuations in weight

– Inability to cope with everyday events / situations
When it is just a bad phase: Understand that if you feel depressed or weak, but are still able to carry out daily activities, it might just be a difficult phase. If you can sleep a whole tough day and wake up the next morning with a feeling of fresh energy and renewed motivation to take life as it comes, it was probably just a bad day. Dr. Gupta explains: “When you are depressed affects more than one facet of your life: your behavior, your daily routine and habits, your social circle, your personal and professional life, your interests, your health, etc.” In short, if you’ve gone a little wrong at work but could just turn off and relax with friends while having a drink or two, they were doing very well to deal with a stressful situation.
How to cope?

Some of the leading experts in the field shared ways in which one can overcome depression.

Share – Dr. Sarin says: “The more expressive you are, the easier it is to manage your stress and contain.” Lack of expression and inability to evacuate are some of the common characteristics of severe depression. Shout, talk, share how you feel and what you think with your loved ones.Pick up the phone, write your people or it would be best to see their loved ones in person and shed their heart.Health support mechanism is paramount.

Sleep and other friends – Get wide sleep, good food and regular exercise. Meditation, yoga and taking a certain hobby can also help distract your mind and facilitate confrontation. In situations of stress, learn to close and disable the media. Recent studies show that social media can exacerbate feelings of anxiety in many people, relieving a little bit there.
Other Little Things – Dr. Deepika Gupta shares the ways you can self-help in the fight against a depressive fate. These include: (A) making a diary and writing about your feelings and emotions to spoil your mind and keep track of your emotional / psychological health. (B) Deduce the strength of their past struggles and how it has overcome difficult situations in the past. (C) Relax – take care of yourself, reward, treat yourself. (D) Do not blame yourself for events and circumstances that were inevitable. Understand, what is done can not be reversed, make peace with it. (E) Learn to let go of memories, people and things.

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Depression is very treatable; Dr. Achal Bhagat shared this with appropriate medication, good levels of activity (exercise, yoga, meditation) and cognitive-behavioral therapy, a person will report positive and high feeling.

You and I can make a difference – is very important to identify an approximate phase since the onset of mild clinical depression. Many are wrong with it, plus ignore it, some choose not to talk about it – it is not controlled in many cases. A recent study reveals that one in 10 Indians is depressed. Think about it, you can actually come across a depressed person every day and do not know anything about it. So. Take some free time and be more careful of these little signs that your friend or colleague must display or a friend who suddenly lost all interest and faith in life. Be a little soft and sensitive to others.