Being Shy Is Just a Bad Habit, and You Can Break It With Regular Practice

Most shy people want to have more confidence because shyness is ultimately a sign that they feel uncomfortable with what they are. You are judged on the basis of other people’s standards and spends too much time on his head, thinking about the best way to act and react in a given situation. This is nothing more than a bad habit, and is the kind of thing that can break with regular practice.

I am a strong and confident child when he was young. Then I transferred the schools after the sixth grade and was one of the few people who did not know anyone. After several attempts to make friends failed, I became shy. It was easier to keep silent and avoid everyone than the risk of rejection. This shyness took only a few weeks to develop and stayed with me for years. The author believes James Victore is nothing more than a bad habit:

Most of us are so afraid to fail that even took a chance. And what is worse, risk and rejection become something to avoid at all costs. A habit is formed. We close the doors that can lead to opportunities and help put us out there for others to react. This fear of rejection is normal. Everyone gets away and has prolonged moments or moments of doubt. But fear is also a test, it means that you are in something and you have to pay attention to it and not hesitate.
This fear is a good way to spot opportunities but it may be easy to think that we are too shy to make good use of them and find an excuse to avoid them. Like any bad habit, you will not turn your confidence into mistrust in a few hours. Breaking a bad habit does not consist in forming a better one in its place, so make an effort every day to do something that would otherwise avoid because they feel shy. Try simple things, and then when these great opportunities come and hit the fear do not worry a lot about the results. If you practice thinking about the right amount, rather than analyzing all possible outcomes, this will be your new habit. Just get out of your head and be present every day. You will have much less trouble at the next time you need to quote some confidence because you will not think about it.

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