How to pack luggage like a pro

If you plan to travel during the coming months, it is virtually guaranteed to be a suitcase or another travel case to take with you, unless you go to a naturopath or somesuch shelter. If your vacation plans include really be dressed, then you can follow some of these steps to make sure you pack everything you need.

Before anything really put in your suitcase, check what the weather will be your destination for the time of year that goes towards there, as this will give you a general idea on clothing must wrap . If you go to a tropical destination, of course, you want to be prepared to dress for sunny and hot days and warm nights, but may want to pack warm clothes for the unexpected winter, cloudy or rainy. Remember that the use of layers is optimal for all climates, and you can add more if cooled, or take one or two layers in case of overheating.


Try to plan ahead and classify what to use for each day you are away, and remember that travel clothes into account that one of the teams. Choose pieces that you can mix and match is a smart idea, and be sure to add a pair or two / socks additional clothing inside just in case.

Once you have determined exactly what you are going to use, all on a piece of paper write (or type and print). As you pack each item through your list, ensuring that will not come to your hotel to discover that he had forgotten to pack something vital.

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* As a side note: always, always have a set of clothes in your hand luggage. Always. You never know when / if your luggage is lost, and you do not want to be trapped in his traveling clothes until the rest of it appears. Keep your personal medications (with a letter of prescription from your doctor, if necessary) in your hand luggage, with his toothbrush, passport / wallet, etc.
Bottoms First

Shoes and heavy and bulky items such as hair dryers and extra bags must be placed at the bottom of your luggage. If it is a piece that will be heavier pieces must be right next to the hinge connecting the lid, while if it is a piece of luggage on wheels, bulky bits must be all the way down over the wheels .

His shoes, boots and bags are ideal for transporting smaller objects inside: tuck jewelry, socks, gloves, belts, extra lenses, etc on these to maximize space. Once the heavy pieces were places where you like, use the space between them for small items such as socks, underwear, coils swimwear, etc.

to fold

Contrary to what some might believe, roll your clothes to fit in your luggage is not a good idea. Items that bend placed flat, compared with all those clothes you spend rolled space. The first layer on top of your shoes and such must be the heavier fabrics: jeans, khaki, wool skirts, jackets and sweaters. As these packs leave a small hole right in the center of the case, this is going to nestle your own toiletries (mentioned below). If there are free spaces around the edges, use these holes for items like your hairbrush, an additional book, etc.
Personal care products

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Fragile items and personal care products placed in a padded fabric case and stay in the center of your luggage so they are protected by all his clothes. Small bottles of perfume or cologne should be stored in freezer bags with zip escape if: you do not want your favorite smells all the time traveling odor. In fact, it is smart to pack all the cream inside the bags, and be on the safe side. Remember that if you fly, liquids or gels must be packaged in travel size containers and stored in a transparent plastic bag in your checked baggage.
the topsheet

The top layer of your luggage should consist of light and delicate fabrics that are prone to wrinkles, like fine cotton, linen, satin and silk. If you want to be very careful, items like silk shirts / blouses, etc. can even be wrapped in tissue paper to protect against damage, then place it among the most resistant clothing for added protection. This is a smart thing to do if you are a maid of honor that goes to a wedding location and you have a nice dress to wear, for example. This is also where you pack a game, unless your luggage before a special room that occur in a garment bag – if you do, use that instead.