Packing Suitcase Easily

1. Collect clothes

Gather all the clothes you need on your trip and then change your choice in order not to overpack-a common error. Put at least half of the items you think you need.

Tip: Double Pack clothes duty as yoga pants that moonlight as pajamas. A sarong can double as an envelope.

2. Stretch clothes

Tightly roll, softer clothes unwrinkled, such as shirts and chinos, and place them along the bottom of the bag. Jeans should be shot, too.

3. Place the folded items on top

Then fold the stiffest clothing and / or subject lines like shirts and jackets starched cotton. These bent layer clothing bunched elements.

4. Place the larger pieces such as pants and skirts

Fold longer articles in half, filling the bag length with them, alternating with hems extreme sizes.

Tip: choose to carry bulky items on the plane or in the car, so no space for valuable luggage.

5. Add small objects

Search crannies to fill with small items such as bras and socks.

Tip: fill the cups of her bra with socks rolled to maintain the shape of the bra.

6. line of bags with belts

Belts snake around the perimeter of the bag. Then cover the pile with a dry cleaning bag. Thanks to the slippery surface of the bag, folded clothes will not stay in one place long enough to define the folds of time.

7. Choose shoes wisely

Choose three pairs of shoes as a casual sandal or loafers, sneakers and a shoe night -GO styles which can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Use the heaviest pack couple and the other along the sides of your suitcase in resealable bags.

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8. Pack your jewelry

Cheap jewelry in a plastic seven-day pill or a roll of 35mm film. Wear jewelry in place to ensure it is not lost or stolen.