How to paint your nails perfectly for beginners ?

The Best Technique for Mess-Free Nail Painting

Painting nails are not a clean job, but perfecting his technique of nail polish reduces the time spent cleaning. Here are some tips to get the look you want the first time without problems.

This technique focuses on maintaining nail exudation on your cuticles and skin. This may sound stupid, but before you start, use the bathroom so there is no possibility to spoil the nails as they dry out and loosen the Polish bottle caps from not having problems with them while You have wet nails.

As you can see in the diagram above, start with a small drop of enamel, press the top of your nail and leave a small space for the enamel does not come into your skin. Then brush from the base towards the center of the nail, then from the base to the right side, then from the bottom to the left. You end up with a full coverage with minimal loss of his polished nails, and no need to grop for nails or a rag to wipe away any Polish excesses. .

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