Planning an Awesome Wedding on Low Budget

Among the proposed changes of life and teargas “I do,” he is the only known strain under the name of wedding planning. Even if your big day is a year or more, many things could he fall. As someone who has been there and lived to tell, these are the things I wish I had known in advance before my wedding day.

Hindsight is the best teacher. Although I enjoyed my marriage, I would certainly have done some things differently if he could do it again (and, oh man, do not want to have to do it again).

1. You offend agree, and feel guilty of at least one person during that time
Having a wedding is like throwing a big party (which is usually stressful), except for the part is really a big ball luxury that everyone has expectations and opinions on. Some people inevitably want to be in the spotlight or support planning. You may discover your boyfriend / girlfriend is absurd taste in colors of the napkin and is ready to fight to the death about it, or worse, he / she does not care about the color of the towel. You may feel bad that people of your guest list is cut or make your wedding party spend more money on formal wear.

Try to achieve this delicate balance that marriage is not just about you and knowing that it is at the end of the day. I worried too much about what people thought of my wedding decisions and tried too, I think, that everyone who cared about her happy. A lack of escape, I think you need to consider-especially opinions of other members of the immediate family with whom you share this incredible event, but at the same time realize that feelings are likely wrong. Looking back one day meant more for me and my husband (rightly) as anyone, and I stress less than what everyone wanted.

2. Being undecided is as bad as Bridezilla
I do not want to make decisions. I do not like as you prefer shirts with holes in them to decide when and where to go shopping and try to select replacements. And weddings, with its millions of decisions that have to do (what color covered table, seriously?) It was torture for me. Not everyone has this problem, and many FLANGE and groom-to-be jumping in wedding planning as if they had been planning forever, but millions of decisions that can still carry.

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If you hesitate or are not sure of decisions, just wait or do their best if the time required ( “do what you can, with what you have, where you are”). I could not cared less how ladies wore my hair, but focus on my wedding party and planners when so vague about what he wanted. I remember my ladies hanging around the streets of Manhattan and we all get quickly depressed because he could not make a decision. Figure out what you want before you bring others to that, at least for the important things (see below).

3. spend on the most important things
Your wedding is a memorable occasion, wonderful (and hopefully only once in a lifetime), and for this reason, we tend to go overboard ensures that every little thing is going to be perfect and everyone is happy . This impressive day, however, will really be just a bump in his many years of married life and married the things you (and your wedding guests) longer remember just a few months after the event probably will not be the things that more concerned.

So if your budget is $ 100 or $ 100,000, to focus on the things you’ll remember more and do not stress (and save more money in) the rest. Looking back, I think the best decision my husband and I made was the place: it was affordable enough to meet all of our closest friends and family, a wedding planner came with the agreement, and the food was first class. Experience with our loved ones, after all, the main thing. However, there is no doubt that we could have cut round corners or purchased around flowers, limo, invitations, tuxedo rentals, and all these other things to save, as they were just not as memorable. (Yes, even if they are in the photos.) You can save thousands of dollars on your wedding budget that only negotiation, shop, adopted by the majority of their wedding needs, and prioritize the items your wedding more worries.

4. Vet your wedding vendors as completely as possible
Even if a vendor is recommended by someone you know or the wedding planner, if their service is essential for your wedding goes well, make sure you are absolutely on the same page. Maybe it was my wedding naivety, but after talking with DJ songs for each part of the wedding and the kinds of music we liked, I thought we had to cover all parties. In retrospect, I would have asked to see videos of their previous DJ events to see how were live, because I’m caught off guard when the reception became a halfway party hip hop (with a couple of requests customers, but it seemed away the elderly) and DJ foreign listings as “Melanie dreamed of this day all his life.” As?

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In addition to the query and see samples of their work, see if you can test or see the work of sellers in a real environment.

5. Make a list of photos you want and other checklists
Similarly to most of the above vein, make sure your salespeople know exactly the things you want to spend and stay on track with checklists. It is not enough to trust that they know what they do, because when you look back, you might think, “Why can I not get an injection just ring bearers and flower girls ? ”

Make lots of lists. PopSugar a day list of wedding photos, BuzzFeed has a collection of patterns for planning all aspects of your wedding, and RealSimple offers another checklist. Previously mentioned the node has another appointment with prefabricated-organized lists of checklists. Save them to Evernote or Dropbox or any other folder you create and use wedding.

6. Avoid the rituals that do not really matter to you
I will never forget throw the bouquet the bride to be to take, just to hear her pounding on the floor next. My bridesmaids and guests women simply were not so crazy about this tradition (though, curiously, when my husband threw the league, the boys all jumped for it). Now it seems a bit odd, but I should have known better at the time.

Do not feel obligated to include anything in your marriage just because it is tradition. Or because it is the model wedding planning or another person.

7. take it easy with the wedding register
It’s easy to get carried away by their registration. After all, you try to make it easier for your customers by offering a variety of gifts in a wide range of prices, and the brand is more effort than ever will, no penalty to pay.

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Be careful what you wish for, however. I do not know why put a steamboat on my record (other than my weakness for kitchen utensils), but now that and other little practical wedding gifts (although much appreciated!) Are just cluttering my in -ground.

8. Plan for the worst
No matter how much will, something will deviate from the plan that day. I foresee him. Are you saying your vows outdoors? Make sure there is a place inside (or a team storm) just in case. Go to eat food that has never had before? Make sure that someone close to you take medication against allergies. (Seriously, broke out in hives during my reception who knows what. Fortunately, my sister had Benadryl in her.) Whether the time, the largest gathering of incompatible people, or just Murphy’s Law, prepare something goes wrong.

Having a backup of everything possible. Here an emergency kit that can help marriage (stain wipes and safety pins, of course!). Make another copy of their votes, makeup bag (or other toiletries), and so on. You know that scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral, where the best man forgot the rings? What the hell, bring some rings vending machines if you feel better.

9. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate
I will not ask for help, but if there is a time that could have used more help, it was during the wedding planning. People offer, of course, but had not yet learned the art of delegation and relinquish control. Find the little things in their checklists can trust others with it, and do it if they want help.

And although it seems that your spouse-to-be is indifferent to everything and do not want to miss it, always trying to make him / her to give a hand. (It is good practice for years.)

10. Do not break your ankle the day before his wedding
Do not carry out any unusual activity, potentially dangerous as bowling just before their marriage. (I did twist the ankle the night before my wedding, while bowling, which is a dangerous sport for me.)

Seriously, take care of yourself and try not to stress. The day of your wedding will be amazing, no matter how much or little planning (and even if you’re covered in hives and is lagging behind on one foot). He told the eleventh thing I wish I had known before the big day.