Picking Good Watermelon

When you face a lot of watermelon, while promising juiciness inside, how do you know which to choose? What About Watermelon, a site dedicated to all summer fruit, it suggests that skip tracks and instead check the background of watermelon.

Hitting a watermelon like a bongo may work for some people, but the site says, is too subjective and there is no agreement if a watermelon is supposed to sound “solid” or “tight” or even make a sound b- dish.

Instead, look watermelons that are symmetrical and are not dented, are heavy for their size and have a creamy yellow spot at the bottom:

Turn your watermelon over and see the bottom, which should have a creamy yellow spot (also called “grounding point”). This is the watermelon sitting on the floor as he absorbed the sun on the farm. If this point is white or greenish, your watermelon may have been picked too early and can not be as mature as it should be.
Of course, maturity does not matter if you just want to use your melon like a barrel.

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