We know that our “core” has to do with our abs, but your abs are just a small part of a complex series of muscles that make up its core. Its core helps maintain balance and affect its position. In addition, it stabilizes the spine, preventing buckling under the heavy weight or sudden movement. A solid core, for example, can prevent pull back for a dead weight. That is why it is important to work at the base, and the boards are the perfect exercise to do just that.

Why Deadlifts worth the hype, and how to do it safely

What is a good Plank seems

In a standard table, using hands and feet to keep your body in a static position. abs, shoulders, triceps, quadriceps will feel, and many other muscles work hard to maintain its position. There are some variations of plates, but the most common is the place forearm resting on the ground, instead of hands. The above video by Scott Herman Fitness shows you what a board should look like.

A beautiful board means your head, neck, entire back, hips and heels are a bit online. This means looking forward on the floor and imagine sticking his chin to your chest while sucking your belly button toward your spine.

Where people go wrong

Capable of achieving a board for a long time is a big problem, but there are several ways to “cheat” the board and rob themselves of basic training appropriate himself.

You’re not really maintain its core “tight”: For “tight”, I mean that you are aware of the muscles flexing the trunk and holding voltage throughout your body. Slyvon Blanco, a fitness trainer who runs online Von white gym, said keep “tight” That’s why most people really do not feel the board to about 30 seconds. If done correctly, you will feel in all his soul immediately.
Your ass is in the air, or less collapses back: When you hold your butt in the air or let your hips sag while its curved lower back, they leave their base loosen. Also, you just download the load to other parts of your body and decrease the intensity of the table. To cancel or bad habit, tighten buttcheeks, ball their fists and imagine suck your belly button toward your spine. White said that when the donkey is pressed, automatically align your head, hips, ankles and in a straight line. That way run correctly your core muscles.
His round shoulders: When rounding his shoulders, which normally also let down his head. Again, facilitating the intensity in the ABS and moves arms, traps, and neck, Kevin Mullins a Master Instructor Equinox Sports Club in Washington, DC, they said. To resolve this issue, tighten the shoulder blades and fight to keep your chest high.
He forgets to breathe: When you exercise, it is quite normal to hold your breath and not even realize it. Just breathe normally. You do not want to feel dizzy, and breathe normally help to maintain the position longer.
Once you can hold a plank position with good form, you can download the game by placing the palms on the floor, as if holding the top of the pushup position. Be in your hands is a little harder to be on the forearm. However, if it supports the weight of the entire body, it is too difficult, it is ok knees edge until it found the strength of the upper body.

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After that, the fun begins. The video above demonstrates functionalpatterns by a table leg, where one leg in the air increases. This variation is challenged to keep hips strongly lean to the side and make all wobbly. You can also participate quadriceps and glutes to hold the leg in the air.

Also, you can try a side table in the way the above described Howcast video. The side table works mainly the oblique muscles along the sides of the abdominals, but also performs many other stabilizing muscles in your back, back, shoulders and even the chest. Just remember to give both sides of his body equal amounts of love.
How isometric exercises work the muscles without much movement

Planks are an effective way to strengthen the core muscles, and once you begin to reap its benefits, you will appreciate that in other areas of your life, and other parts of the gym. It does not seem much, but the exercises that move as little as possible are often the most difficult.