Playing Pokemon Go on All Devices

Android weekend Pokémon Go has released an update that lets you configure a Pokémon as his partner. Tidy! Also blocks sneak play anyone with root access. It is not very clean. Here is how to work around this limitation and play anyway.

It seems Niantic decided to block the root users to prevent theft of GPS and use things like mods Xposed cheating in the game. While it may be a noble goal, many legitimate users will be caught in the crossfire (and will not stop cheaters anyway). Namely, the Android Police have already found a way around this limitation.

The solution uses magisk Android mod to hide the fact that you are rooted Pokémon play. According to Android Police, a device with an unlocked bootloader you are needed. You will also be restored from a value system and start, or remove any form of access to the root and Xposed you have installed. Otherwise, this process does not work. You will also need a custom boot loader.

You can find the full-time instruction set, on the site below. Note that you must know what you do before any flashing on your device or wasting time with the custom boot managers. It is unfortunate that only needed to play a popular game of this process, but if you follow the instructions carefully, you should be fine. Be sure to check our guide if you need to update the way to eradicate the phone.

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