How to Print Screen in Windows 7/8/10 Without Print Screen Button ?

4 Best Methods for Taking Screenshot (Print Screen) on Windows 7/8/10

A screenshot is an image taken of whatever is on your screen. Today we’ll show you how to take a screenshot of Windows.

You can take a screenshot on almost any platform, and Windows is no different. It has a built-in option that works well for basic tasks, but many third-party programs offer greater ease of use and features. In this article, I will show you some ways to take a screenshot of Windows 10.

Method One : Take quick screen capture print screen (Print Screen)

The Print Screen button on the keyboard can take a screenshot and save it as a file, take a snapshot without saving it to a file, or take a screenshot of a single window ( instead of the entire screen). The button in the print screen may be labeled “Print Screen”, “PrntScrn”, “Print Scr” or something similar. In most keyboards, the key is usually between F12 and scroll lock. On laptop keyboards, you may need to press the “Function” or “Fn” button to access the Print Screen function. When the key, it will look as if nothing had happened, but the screen is saved in the clipboard is pressed.

To record your screen as a file

Press the “Windows + PrtScn.” Key If you are using a tablet, press the “Volume Down button + Windows logo.” In some laptops and other devices, you may need to press “Ctrl + Windows + Print Screen” or “Windows Key + Fn + Print Screen” keys instead. Refer to the manual of your notebook for more information.

The Sunscreen for a moment, and you will see the screen appears as a file in a folder named “Images” in the default folder “images”. automatically marked with a number The screenshot.

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You will not see dim the screen if you have the “Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing” enabled in your visual effects settings (System> Advanced System Settings> Click the Advanced tab> click Settings in the Performance section).

For a screenshot without saving

Press the “Print Screen”. is copied to the clipboard A screenshot of the screen. Open your favorite text editor, image, word processor, or another program you want to use the image. Choose Edit> Paste to paste the screenshot you want. the image dimensions will be the same as your desktop resolution. Note: On some laptops and other devices, you may need to press the keys “Alt + Fn + PrtScn” instead. Refer to the manual of your notebook for more information.

To capture a single window

Click on the title bar of the window you want to capture. Press “Alt + Print Screen”. will be copied A screenshot of the active window at that time to the clipboard, as in the last section. Paste it into your editor favorite image or document editor. Note: On some laptops and other devices, you may need to press the keys “Alt + Fn + PrtScn” instead. Refer to the manual of your notebook for more information.

The second method: take the screen display with snipping tool

The biopsy tool has been part of Windows since long. This tool is included in Windows Vista, and never had any new application, apart from some bug fixes. Cuttings can take screen shots of an open window, rectangular area, freeform area, or the entire screen. You can annotate your scissors with different colored pens or marker, save it as an image file or HTML, or email a friend.

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Snipping Tool in Windows Vista, 7 and 8 has a limitation: you can not take screenshots involving mouse movements. To capture something that involves the movement of the mouse, such as menus and pop-up tips, you have to use the screen printing method.

In Windows 10, the cutting tool has a new option “Delay”, allowing you to capture pop-up menus and tooltips screen. Open the app and click Snipping Tool time. In the drop-down list, click the number of seconds you want to wait until the taking of the screenshot.

Then select the type of cut you want to click the arrow next to choose from one of four types of cuts “New.” free, rectangular window and full screen.

Unlike a regular size, the screen does not turn away. Instead, they will have between 1-5 seconds, depending on the time you choose to configure screenshots. You can use this time to open the pop-up menu or tooltip you want to capture. Once they have passed their seconds, the screen freezes and disappear so you can create your snip. If you have selected a window or full screen, you just take the immediate cut.

Method three: Using keyboard shortcuts with bars on Windows 10

Windows 10 ships with capacity DVR set to record images of the game and take Windows PC game screenshots. The bar game generates images in PNG format, and stores them in. “C: \ Users \ [username] \ Videos \ s” Before you start using the play bar, Xbox launch the application that is included with Windows 10 will open its settings. switch “Game DVR” “to take screenshots of the game using DVR”, and assign keyboard shortcuts you want.

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When you want to take a screenshot, use this key combination ( “Windows key + G” by default) and click or press the “Yes, this is a game” if prompted. Now press the button “camera” or “Win + Alt + Print Screen” to take a screenshot. Note: The key combination will work if the box is already activated “Yes, this is a game” for this specific game. You’ll see a notification letting you know “catch recorded screen.” If you click or tap the notification, it will be open to the “Xbox> DVR Kit> In this computer” to see it.

Method Four: take the most powerful screenshots is the best way with Snagit

All methods built into Windows “have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you take a lot of screenshots and want more flexibility than integrated tools allow, however, a third party tool is your best choice.

If that does not mind spending a few dollars, Snagit by TechSmith is a tool notch allows you to take screenshots screen easy, has many features that are used to guide specific windows to take pictures of the area and even capture text scrolling windows and web pages.

You can record short videos if you like, annotate screenshots, draw arrows and shapes, and almost anything you can think of a tool capture screen to be able to do. It is an excellent tool that definitely recommends, especially if you have to take a lot of screenshots.

There is a free trial version that you can download to see it before the trouble to spend money on it. Once you try, it will be difficult to return to Windows barebones “tools.