50 habits to prove that you were born to be an entrepreneur

Most aspiring entrepreneurs feel in their bones – they were born to be an entrepreneur, to the point that nothing else in life could satisfy them. They are dissatisfied employees, followers or consumers. They want to create, build and develop their own businesses, and are filled with the passion of his own ingenuity.

Here are 50 habits born entrepreneurs can not stop showing. How many do you have?

1. You can not sit still. You are always ready to come up with something, and do something big.

2. Always come up with ideas. Good or bad, the flow of ideas never stops.

3. You can identify defects in other ideas. It comes naturally to you.

4. You marvel successful business owners. Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are just some of their heroes.

5. You get excited when there is a successful company in action. Whether a local bar or supermarket franchise, you can not help but smile when you see a good deal.

6. You constantly think of ways to improve the business of your employer. When you’re at work, you think about what could be better.

7. You hate to be told what to do. You are resented taking orders.

8. Would you like to learn new things. How tos and tutorials are what we’re all about.

9. Take things apart to see how they work. remote controls, toasters, telephones – as we see the wheels.

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10. You dream of wealth. Money is not everything, but you can not help but have in your mind.

11. You do not give easily. You face difficult challenges, but to continue.

12. You are disciplined in your habits. You have defined routines that easily decompose.

13. They are not afraid of hard work. You give everything in your life 100 percent.

14. You have a higher risk threshold. You do not take blind risks, but do not be complacent stay.

15. he has known as many people as possible. You’re not afraid to branch out and meet new people.

16. You talk to everyone you know. Foreigners are not intimidating you.

17. recover from a failure. You knew the crushing defeat, but never stopped coming back.

18. Like the last word. Like the sound is a director.

19. You set goals for yourself. Large or small, the objectives to fulfill your life.

20. help people whenever you can. You are interested in the common good.

21. There are challenges in everything you do. Looking for opportunities to question himself.

22. You find ways to inspire people. It is inspired by inspiration.

23. You plan everything down to the smallest details. The plans are a prerequisite for any activity.

24. It is proud of you. Like what you are.

25. help friends solve their problems. You are quite the analysis of the problem.

26. Delegating tasks and allocate resources effectively. In household chores and business operations.

27. You are subject to deadlines himself. There are no excuses.

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28. He likes to tell stories. Like talking to people about their experiences.

29. You are hyper-competitive. You can even play a board game without turning on the switch.

30. You get involved with things. If you see a car on the side of the road, they’ll ask if you can help.

31. Cut things in your life that are not working for you. If it is ineffective or upset, it’s gone.

32. You negotiate what you can. Flea markets and wages are just the beginning.

33. You see the potential of people. You do not see people for what they are. You see them so they could be.

34. You are calm in a crisis. When things hit the fan, always think logically.

35. It follows with people when he wants something. Do not let opportunities go.

36. Avoid things that make you lose time. You are immune to mobile phones and downtime of social networks.

37. You persuade people to his side. You are a native speaker.

38. Tomas rational decisions, not emotional. For most, that trust their logic in their emotions.

39. Do not forget the emotions of people. However, there is much sympathy in you.

40. The notion of time is lost in the pursuit of passion projects. Time seems to fly when you’re heads down working on something.

41. Often passion to start new projects. Every week, a new idea becomes a hobby.

42. You constantly update your home (or a car or anything). There is always something Tinker, replace or upgrade.

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43. Are you crazy new technologies. You’re addicted to learning new technologies can improve your life.

44. You read the news every day. It is an ingrained habit.

45. voraciously read books. Each book offers something new.

46. ??You listen to that inner voice. You trust your instincts.

47. You listen to the advice of others. To make their own decisions, but to hear the views of others.

48. You do not dwell on the past. When bad things happen, continues to move forward.

49. You make sacrifices for what you want. You know you have to give things to see more success.

50. you write your dreams. He takes their aspirations seriously. They are a part of you.