How to apply liquid eyeliner

Eyeliner can accentuate your eyes with a soft line or a dramatic turn. You can embellish a few minutes in front of a mirror with a pencil eyeliner, liquid or gel liner coating your eyes. Even if you are new in the use of eyeliner, you can learn all about how to apply it in minutes.
1. Mix coating

To ensure that the coating liquid is well mixed, you should shake the bottle. Make sure the cover is attached first, then stir the coating liquid for a few seconds. When ready, unscrew the cap and remove the brush from the bottle.
If the brush seems too top coating, and then drag it to the edge of the cylinder liner.
2. Start in the middle.

Place the brush against the upper lash line to make it as close to the lashes of the eyes. Then start applying eyeliner to the upper lash line. Exit to the outside edge of the lash line.

If you are concerned about a uniform line, you can line your upper lash line with a liner pencil lines first, then go through this line with liquid liner.
3. Fill in the spaces.

Once you finish line the outside corner, aligning the inside edge of the upper lash line and connect the line to the first line did. Use small strokes to connect their lines and fill the need for a strong and adapted to the online top lash line.

If you make a mistake, dip a cotton swab in a makeup remover and use the tip of the swab to secure. You can clean the excess coating or even a twisted edge.

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4. Follow the lower lash line for a winged look.

Wings are optional with liquid liner, but add the wings can intensify your look. To create a winged look, then follow the curve of the outer lash line the outer corner of the eyelid. Next, fill the wing needed.

-Try To create only a small wing if you do not want to see too dramatic, or go to a wing to a more dramatic look.

-You Can use the edge of a business card to help you create a straight line to the wing. Simply place the card against the outer edge of the lid at an angle and draw along the edge with the liquid coating.

-You Can also use tape to create wings. Put some tape on the line of lower eyelashes so it is at an angle. The strip should be straight against the outer edge of the lower lash line and is extended at its eyebrow. You can tilt the band as much or as little as you want, but note that over the inclination will be more dramatic. If you want a less dramatic look, reduce the amount of inclination of the band.