Focusing on Right Things

Most people who clicked on this article do not finish reading it. So says Nick Carr. The New York Times reminds you that you are likely to forget that in a few minutes. This idea is so widespread, even the onion began to take hits.

There is something true. Messages of this kind and research trends indicate that we seek. Many people want the opportunity to focus more and feel that they lose the ability to focus on a particular task for long periods of time. We feel like we lose that ability. Doing things and all the other books out there tend to give rituals to solve the problem – but only if they could stick to it. Most of us, just weeks after reading this book, sitting next cabinets (virtual or not) and continue on our merry way.

This is because we are focused on the wrong question. For a longer attention span – even a sufficient time to read this article – do not worry about the management of information. Worrying about managing your care. Pay attention for long periods of time, it is a form of athletic endurance. Like running a marathon, which requires practice and training to make the most of it. Twitter’s fault both with a capacity of attention because it is the fault of your wardrobe does not have running shoes in it. If you want the ability to focus on things for a long period of time, that needs attention fitness.

Neuroplasticity is how the brain changes its organization over time to meet new experiences. There are physical changes in the brain according to the particular tasks tricking the brain to complete. That’s why the hippocampus of an experienced driver in London is greater than average, and how a monk’s meditation grows gray matter. Your brain is not a mythological divinity, but a natural part of your body to be treated like the rest of his body. And your body responds to two things very well – diet and exercise. Suppose your brain, being a part of the body, did so.

Things like zero input tray or reducing meetings can be useful tips, but do not consider neuroplasticity. The bet is that you have a finite amount of attention to occur, and that the attention span is not editable. This material is useful for making the most of their limited duration of attention, but will not improve your attention. He will not let your brain be easily distracted or blurry when she was raised to be that way.

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So how do you train to focus? I use interval training with great success. Following the model of how I trained to run my first marathon technique using Jeff Galloway, a practical training for attention intervals. I installed it on my computer this timer. It is a great counting intervals on the basis of a technical called Pomodoro Technique – but I am used primarily for their ability to make sound, establish good intervals and logging of operating support. I started small: 10 minutes working with two minutes of rest. My strategy has been to maintain, so that when the alarm sounds that tells me it’s time to take a break, I feel I can go. I am now 35 minutes with 2 minutes rest. It is interesting – this is as far as I’ll probably still be able to keep instant messaging. I found that 35 minutes is the IM maximum response time to be useful.

The timer is not the key part, however, this is only one component of a system as a good watch is part of running a marathon. Here’s how to set this up:

He left the second monitor

I use a second monitor for almost ten years, thinking that large amounts of space are the key to productivity. The second myth monitor existed for some time. However, the only real scientific study I could find that connects multiple monitors productivity was carried out in 2003 by a monitor manufacturer, a manufacturer of the video card, and Utah State University. It is actually a kind of marketing document, not a study. I opted for a larger screen. Two monitors allows me to distraction on a monitor, and the actual work in another.

Creating space in OS X

Spaces is a virtual desktop software on OS X. I do not think it was useful before dropping the second monitor, but now – instead of always having to distraction on a monitor on my desk, I put my email, Twitter, and surfing browser in a “space” in OS X and keep it there. When my pomodoro timer starts, I jump into a “space” that is more like that – only the tools to perform a task that I am on screen. In this case, I have limited web browsing and a text editor to write this blog. Note the addition of “about: blank” in my top of the browser bookmarks bar. While I am writing, and do not need to use the browser, I tend to blank on the screen, so do not get too distracted by the browser.

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My third space simply Remember the milk is running in full screen.

Ed. Note: If you are running OS X, take a look at these virtual desktops popular alternative spaces.
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Mouse shot during working time

During the time I worked (unless you edit) – my job every 35 minutes – mouse back. I found that I can focus more on the task at hand if you do not touch or use the mouse. For me, my mouse is a gateway to the navigation and passive web browsing. If I do not have access, I can not start the chain reaction to be caught in the web. For me, it is like running a marathon on a road with shops 26.2 miles chicken wing. I could make a couple of miles, of course, but about 20 miles, will succumb to temptation. I found Divvy helps me manage mice without windows, and Vimium helps me to use the Web for research without the mouse.

Created a proactive routine

Part of my 2 minutes rest time is used for configuring all the tools that I need to complete my next task. I use this time to understand exactly what I need for my next task, approaches all the things I need for this task, and configure Windows appropriately. Rarely a time when I need more than two windows open. My work, be it for writing code or writing blog, usually, it looks like this. The set-up generally involves closing all tabs in the browser, and start with a new browser: blank page. The key here is, I just do not jump into the job. I spend a minute or two creating an ideal for me to be able to finish what my next task is put. When I leave my computer for the day, no open windows. Start with a blank slate to return to. No need to stay anchored in the set-up yesterday.

On these tabs

None of my browser – surf or otherwise, are allowed to have more than 5 tabs in the browser window at any time. I’m through the extension of either Chrome tabs. This extension is pretty brutal: if you create a new tab and you are on your tab limit (default 5) will close the oldest. I run this extension of more than one month and not once I had a serious problem. I had to pay attention to a particular web page, to finish the work with him if I’ll move on.

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The atmosphere around me

Although I work mostly at home, I am always prone to distractions around me. To win, I have a pair of noise reduction headphones, and especially listen to music without words. Just a little noise to keep me focused. I am sitting at my desk, but I think I’ll be in the conversion of a permanent office soon, because I do not want to die prematurely. They also tend to keep some snacks (dried fruit) and drinks around my desk so that food and water will not lower the threshold of my approach. Although there is a great discrepancy here: I do not work in an office with many people in it. I have many meetings. I’m not managing someone now. So although I suggest the consolidation of all meetings of the afternoon and back to back. This way, you are out of the way and solid blocks long time to focus on doing things.


Like all exercises, different types of workouts work differently for different people. For me, interval training works wonders – this blog, for example, took me 70 minutes to find and write – usually a blog like this before having this meeting would take almost the value of the work of a full day. More importantly, however, I am able to do things like read long articles or academic papers – “. They had the attention of” things that only serve to “take time” which really meant

If you think you are experiencing development problems – if the concept makes Provigil appeal to you, or you thought “Oh, if only I could get my hands on some Ritalin,” think about creating a system exercise attention to himself instead My general advice.:

Do a little less than what you think you are capable of
Expanding capacity while staying in this bar (# 1)
No gym will run the equivalent of a marathon attention today. Start slowly.
Your brain, like the body, is simply the result of what we are trained to do. Fitness attention, like any other physical condition, it takes time even to get into a routine. But once the habit, begins to bear fruit is made.