Recording your screen with audio

Take screenshots of your phone is so easy, anyone can do it. Taking a video of your screen is a bit more difficult. Here’s how to record the screen of your phone when you need to show someone what’s happening on your phone.

Registering your phone’s screen can be useful if you want a video of a game you play, show someone how to do something on your phone or document something strange that your phone is doing. Lollipop, recording your Android screen has become much easier. For starters, you need a screen recording application.

There is no shortage of applications for registration of your screen in Android, but so far the best I’ve found is A-Z Screen Recorder. No root required, no limit on the duration of the recording, do not add watermarks and without advertising. Not a bad deal. Once downloaded, follow these steps:

Start the application A-Z Screen Recorder app drawer.
an overlay appears with four buttons. Tap the gear icon to set the video recording settings, including the recording resolution, frame rate and bit rate. When finished, press Return to return to the home screen.
Open the application or access the screen you want to save.
Press the red camera icon on the shutter overlay A-Z. The video will start recording. Use your phone as normal until you are ready to stop recording.
When finished, remove the notification screen. The notification A-Z may suspend or stop recording.
When finished, you should end up with a video like this:

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Obviously, we can not save the screen before you start recording (insert your own creative Bwam), but you can see the video on how to end the recording work.

When finished, press the image on the overlay icon to display your recordings. You can also press the icon of the wand in one of her videos to make changes, among which include the following:

Cut or trim the video: You can trim the beginning or end of the video, or sections cut in the middle. These features require the pro version, which costs $ 3.
Crop video: If you want to focus on a smaller portion of the video, you can use an external complement to crop the image.
Convert GIF: Another feature of Pro, you can convert your video to a GIF format directly in the application.
Replace audio: you can add your own soundtrack over the video, audio instead of your own phone.
Sure, but it’s good to have the Pro features, none of them is strictly necessary. You can edit videos and create GIF in many other applications. However, a $ 3 donation is a small price to pay for the convenience.