How to reheat pizza in oven crispy ?

How To Reheat Pizza Without Making it Soggy or Dry

Somehow you could not finish all the pizza, and when you wake up the next morning, all you can think of are the glorious remains. Now I’m a fan of the cold pizza like the guy next door, but let’s face it, there’s no better feeling in the world than a hot pizza box on his lap. A crisp base, sharp cheese, fresh garnishes and spicy sauce together to make it a work of art. So when the bark is dry, how to get the hot fat flows again?

Throw on the grill or pop in the microwave just make your slice a soggy mess. So, we are constantly moving, we covered with the simplest trick of all! If you have not tried it already, you should. It only takes 60 seconds to renew their pizza one day and restore its original crispiness.
How to heat the rest of pizza:

1. Get a microwave bowl and place the pizza slices on it.

2. Next, find a glass that matches the microwave with the plate and fill it with 2/3 of water.

3. For about 45-60 seconds, heat the pizza and water. (Water adds moisture to the air, preventing the pizza to dry).

4. Here you have achieved the desired result – sticky cheese and a crusty crust.

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