7 simple ways to relieve stress now

1. Count your breath. Take deep breaths and lengthen your exhale against breathing will calm the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for triggering the fight or flight, says Timothy McCall, author of Yoga as Medicine: The recipe for Yoga and Health cure (Bantam 2007). Counting the duration of breath and exhale and gradually lengthen the time it takes to exhale help in the fight against this stress response. If you take four seconds to inhale, for example, work to lengthen your exhale lasts eight seconds. While the number of strokes each person will be different, taking 10 breaths like this can help calm the mind and body.
2. Sing. If you sit quietly and count the breaths seems impossible or unpleasant, you can sing or hum to achieve a similar effect. By singing or humming, which is naturally lengthen your exhalation, which will slow your breathing and help you calm, says McCall. Make sure you breathe in and out of the nose as it does. If the idea of ??singing or humming in the office seems silly, do it in your car on the way to work.

3. Drink more water. When your level of hydration even decreased by 2 percent, its ability to perform simple mathematical operations and make decisions is interrupted, said Mike Collins, founder of Workday perfect, Raleigh, NC, company that focuses on efficiency work . “The longer you stay hydrated, better than you think.” Aim for a quart size container of gallon per office that meets three or four times daily.

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4. Do a body scan. Redirecting your attention away from your worries and your physical body for a minute or two can help relieve stress, said Andy Puddicombe, an ancient Buddhist and co-founder monk Headspace, a company based in the UK, that teaches techniques of meditation and contemplation by professional companies. Close your eyes and take half a minute to make a mental review of your body from the top of the head. Notice the feeling of your feet on the ground, his body in the chair and your hands on the desk. Repeat this analysis two or three times. Instead of being stuck in the loop concerns, turn your attention to the sensations of your body. “By moving the focus to the physical senses, which are outside the spirit of thought and put the mind in the body, which has an immediate calming effect,” Puddicombe said.

5. Keep photos of the practical holiday. Another way to escape from stressful thoughts is to keep photos or holiday cards nearby. When you feel stressed, look at a picture for a moment, close your eyes and try to imagine all the sensations you feel in this place – you have seen, felt, smelled, heard and tasted. This technique calm you focus your attention on the physical sensations of your body that you are watching a particularly relaxing centers. “You try to activate the five senses,” says Margaret Wehrenberg, author of 10 best management techniques of anxiety Ever (WW Norton, 2009). “It is literally the antithesis of stress for a minute.”
6. Create a ritual. Instead of running to get a cup of coffee or a snack steep, make a ritual of it, Puddicombe said. Take time to notice the sounds, touch and smell what you prepare – whether a cup of tea or fresh fruit. Such daily ritual can be a relief, that helps you focus on something more than their thoughts Puddicombe said. All you want to do, make sure it is something that has positive associations with.

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7. laugh aloud. Humor is the opposite of stress, according to John Morreall, president of Humorworks based in Williamsburg, Virginia, which focuses on the use of humor in team building exercises and other workplace activities. “In a situation of stress, you are emotionally involved with a problem,” he said. “When you laugh at a situation that is far from this.” To find relief in humor, Collins looks a YouTube video of a flash mob in Moscow dance to “Puttin ‘on the Ritz.” Never fails to make you laugh.