How to Remember Names and Faces Easily ?

5 tips to remember any name

What’s in a name? Many is – especially with regard to garnering new business contacts. When someone’s name is remembered – even after the brief encounter – the message that the interaction is important for you is sent. Perhaps no other skill can make others feel like a value, or to open all the doors for new connections.

While some people have a gift for remembering names, for others, it is a learned skill. But each new introduction is an opportunity to practice recognizing faces, and as you improve, others will begin to see you as a valuable connector in business and in life.

Use the following strategies to practice – and make it a point to question himself in networking events. My advice? Start slowly and increase your repertoire with each new introduction:

1. The names of repeat entire exchange. Repetition helps train your brain connections necessary to retain information. As soon as it was presented, saying: “It’s very nice to meet you, Jane” refer to the person by name to greet and repeat again starting ..

2. The mental associations. Make a visual link with the name of a person to something memorable in their world – weirder, the better. For example, if you know someone named Jay who happens to be a music producer, displaying a blue bird with a mixer. The humorous image will print your name and career in his memory.

3. The study of names in print. Use your eyes and your ears. When someone uses an ID card, for example, look at the label with your name and face to create an association. When you receive a business card, look at the name and say, “Thank you, John.”

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4. Ask for clarification with difficult names. If a new acquaintance has a name that is difficult to pronounce or pass to mumble his introduction, ask him or her simply repeat. Then say it again for verification. In addition to obtaining clarity, the extra effort to talk with their attention to detail.

5. If you have forgotten the name, address forehead. If you can not remember a name, try to provide any information that you can remember, for example, when the two of you may have found. Alternatively, if you shake hands and introduce yourself, your partner will most likely follow sui