Removing ink stains from clothes

If you have a stubborn spot of ink of a pen or marker operated washing leaking the garment again and again can go anywhere. Fortunately, overnight soak in milk and vinegar bowl can do the trick to break the ink and save your clothes.

Re-Nest, proposed removing ink stains offensive shirts and other clothing stained soaking in a large bowl with two portions of whole milk and white vinegar tissue part. Soak the product for a few hours at night is better- and pull, hang to dry, then wash the item as normal.

The secret tip is not so much the combination of milk and vinegar, but the fact that both are quite effective themselves on the break and lifting inkblots. Combining the two just increases the chances that your ink removal treatment will be effective the first time. Have you tried this trick before? Did it work for you? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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