Removing Splinter from Finger Yourself

Everyone was there. When you or your child touch the old wooden bench when a small wooden ribbon slips into the skin – causing a surprising amount of pain. Fortunately, the chips are easily removed with the right tools and techniques.

To remove a splinter, dermatologists recommend the following tips:

Wash and dry the area to prevent infection, wash hands with water and soap and gently pat the skin dry area.

Inspect the chip: If the chip is very small, using a magnifying glass to see how big it is and in which direction it entered the skin.

Use tweezers to remove the chip: If a part of the chip is, you can use tweezers to gently pull the splinter. First, sterilize the tip of the clamp with rubbing alcohol. Then, pull the thorn in the same direction it entered the skin. You tighten a shine, as this can cause it to break into small pieces which are more difficult to remove.

Use a small needle to remove the thorn: If all the straw that is embedded under the skin, you can use a small needle to remove. First, sterilize the needle and a pair of pliers with rubbing alcohol. Next, looking through a magnifying glass and the needle used to gently piercing the skin surface at one end of the wick. This may require the help of a friend or family member. Continue to use the needle to gently push a portion of the chip. Once one end of the current chip, use tweezers to gently pull the splinter.

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clean and apply Vaseline After the chip has been removed, clean the area with soap and water and apply petroleum jelly. Keep the area covered with a bandage until healed.

Most chips can be removed safely at home, but some may require medical attention. Consult your doctor or certified dermatologist for advice if your chip is very large, deep, located in or near the eye, or if the area is infected.