RemovingĀ Stripped Screw Bolt from Anything

This is a new take on the withdrawal of a stripped screw. I think we’ve all seen the old ways to remove a stripped screw. For example, use a tool to cut a slot in the head if a flathead screwdriver can be removed. Well, you ever tried to remove a “screw 3 with a flathead screwdriver. It’s a nightmare, to say the least! How many times have you caught locking pliers to try to accelerate the process to achieve this was not a great plan either. Or how these separators screw specialty. well, all I have to say that these are the three sets I bought must have been defective. I caused more harm than the head and then the initial extraction of the screws. About what remains then now. I think you can break the screw out. most wood screws will break by hitting one side to the other. But it is not a good quality work or maybe you need a life wherever one is.

So you’re not alone. I went this journey many times and have found the winning solution. It’s fast, easy and you will think why I thought of that. Or perhaps you have!

Step 1: Control of things

Stage 1
Strip the screw head!

Step 2
Shouting words are not supposed to hear children

Step 3
Apologies to the woman to be a bad person in front of children

Step 4
Use a Dremel with a cutting blade to cut a groove in the center of the screw head.

Step 5
Put a bandage on the finger you just cut shouting obscenities.

Step 6
Find a flathead screwdriver, hopefully not got through all his old tools grandfather. Do you have more of these things? guys kidding!

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Step 7
Spend 30 minutes trying to remove then move to the locking pliers to finish. Be sure to take breaks and use of obscenities.

Step 8
Get the same screw and after it is removed again do steps 1-7 again with more bad words involved.

Step 2: Speed things up!

It will be necessary that the screw heads protruding about 1/4 “from the work surface.
(If you do not have this game, you may need to cut a slot in the head of the screw a flathead screwdriver can be adapted. Then save the screw about 1/4 of play “of the work surface).

Stage 1
Take a standard drill without a little. Open the mandrel so that the screw head or screw shaft (if no header is present) within the mandrel.

Step 2
Now hand-tighten the screw. Get as tight as possible.

Step 3
Put drilling in reverse and slowly screws.

Step 4
Celebrate, while his grandfather tries to take another screw stripped of the old school!

Step 5
30 minutes later, they show you how to do it the easy way!