How to replace a wallet with phone ?

Replacing a wallet with phone

If you like your portfolio, by all means, stick with it. But if you want to travel light and worry about one less thing to remember, you can put to replace most of the features of your portfolio with your phone. Here is how to change everything except your money, and perhaps a map.

There are already great things, practice the phone can replace your wallet, but the future looks even better. Near Field Communication Technology (NFC), comprising at least one Android phone and more to come, possibly allowing the phone to manage the replacement portfolio even better. Meanwhile, you can consolidate your membership cards, keep sensitive paper leftovers, bring pictures of their loved loves, and even make money changes hands, from your phone. Here is how thin or completely scuttled his chains back pocket leather.
Fourteen ways NFC will allow your phone Change your wallet (and more)

We see more and more devices, but NFC is difficult to get excited about anything …
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Discount cards, club membership
Some stores make their cards compulsory, or jobs are done in almost inaccessible if you do not use their membership cards. Instead of the clutter in your wallet or your keys, loaded into an application that recreates on screen.

We love keychain for this work (available for Android, iOS and WP7). Scan the barcode of your cards, or enter the UPC numbers if the card is too old. Main lists and quick order your cards, to enlarge on your screen. You can also see coupons and discounts found for the store that draws on another tab.

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You may be intimidated by the idea of showing the phone to an exploration of the employee or self. After trying several times, both in the (relatively old school) Buffalo, NY, and (certainly over cable) Austin, TX, is not as difficult as you might think, or at least as awkward as delve into its portfolio and trying to force a card by force a tight pocket. The key is to have the rewards screen stopped before it was to the front of the line, as you should do with a physical card.
Install the key ring: Android, iTunes, Windows Phone 7

Your confidential information

A portfolio is not so bad a place to store some experts in data security, just ask Bruce Schneier sensitive. If you hide PIN or other means of getting your sensitive equipment, consider switching to use secure applications on your phone instead.
Use a portfolio to maintain secure passwords

The Freakonomics blog readers recently interviewed security expert Bruce Schneier, playing …
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We’re big fans of LastPass whole-systems, all browsers password solution. LastPass less known “Secure Notes feature,” its stores and encrypts everything you can write back the same barrier that password. You can hide the bank account information, PIN numbers health insurance, and other data in many mobile applications. Most of these applications require a (relatively cheap) premium membership, but members can not simply seek premium mobile LastPass to get something they need quickly.
Easy, any browser, OS All Solution password

Whenever passwords speak, we always preach the same: Use strong, difficult to remember …
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If you are not interested in going into the LastPass system ‘, there is good independent mobile solutions, too. Wallet for Android (original post) protects your passwords and other sensitive data damn-AES-256, and do not give any product, even if the phone is lost or stolen. Another application for the iPhone also offers a similar portfolio of encryption for credit card information, passwords and other data that could have on their actual portfolio of storage. In fact, it seems to look “Portfolio” and “encryption” on most any intelligent semi-phone applications market must download an application that can give you a place to keep their secrets, as long as the identity is verified manufacturer app.
Wallet securely stores sensitive information on your Android phone

Android only: We all sensitive but hard to remember the data you want to take with us ….
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This is easy enough, but it is especially you. If your portfolio is always a quick photo of his wife, children, or favorite animal, the phone can have. In iPhone, you need to set the photo as the “lock” screen in the bottom of the setup screen. If you have more than one photo you like to brag, create an album or folder, then go to the Photos tab of your device when connected and synced with iTunes. Photo by Bryan Gosline.


Phones can not do without physical box, so you’ll still need that in addition to at least one credit card. But if you’re cool with a binder clip or something simple to carry cash, you can always use your phone to pay your friends, maybe for dinner tabs or bet on, for example, live without wallet.
The best universal solution, most are mobile PayPal (iPhone, Android, Blackberry), which allows users to “bump” phones to exchange funds. But even when they do not collide with work or does not feel right just send money to a recipient’s almost too easy, once you have your email address. Ala transforms some money from a bank account or credit card, and the pizza is more in debt.

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IPhone users have QuickPic as a mobile scanning solution. Yet many users, in almost all mobile operating systems, may use the Ubiquitous capture application Evernote can be used to take pictures of your receptes and synchronize them to a folder on the desktop or on the Evernote website. You can even use the character recognition screen technology (OCR) to search for text in the reception. Convenient.

Business cards
If you happen to talk to another user of the smartphone folder trenches same spirit, and they both have Bump installed (Android / iPhone), you can negotiate the contact details and other information by wiretapping. If not, consider low-fidelity solution that worked for me and the people I met at SXSW this week: just ask for an email and click on a quick message “Hello”.