How to give your company and maintain excellent relations

If you leave your job, you should not lose your sanity. You make a big move. You thought it was, considered the cost, weighed the pros and made his decision. Now you have to leave with dignity.

Why? Because you have invested years in business relations and does not want to let go to waste. If you leave angry, it can destroy relationships, ruin your reputation, and your chance to take advantage of short these relationships later.

Their professional relationships are one of its greatest strengths career. Since your company in a blind rage just going to get out of that relationship and produce the bitter pain.

Here are four tips for any aspiring walkout:

1. Explain your output according to your personal needs.
The biggest mistake quit working all their complaints about the company they are leaving is transmitted.

Why is an error? Because leaders and company employees can take things personally. “I do not feel valued,” sounds like “You are so rude.” A comment like “compensation was not competitive,” it sounds like “you are a bunch of greedy misers.”

What’s worse, complaining about the company that is leaving can jeopardize your relationship.

If your reasons for leaving the company have to do with the deficiencies of the company, then you need to dig deeper for their true reasons, personal reasons.

If you think deeply, you discover that their real reasons for his departure are much more personal:

I felt like I wanted to know more about the world around me.
I know my family needs more of me at this time.
This seems to be the best time for me to get insight and perspective.
I pursue a personal goal to break free of obligations outside for a while.
Patrick Pichette, Google’s chief financial officer resigned with dignity. His poignant post on Google+ is a prime example of a letter of resignation.

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There were three main reasons for leaving his post to Google:

I am the empty nest syndrome.
I work very hard for too long.
I celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary.
All these are personal reasons. Pichette summarizes describing it as a “midlife crisis perfectly full of happiness and beauty.”

I could not find a good argument to say Tamar must wait longer before we got our bags and hit the road – celebrate our 25 years together to turn the page and enjoy a good perfectly mid-life crisis, full of happiness and beauty, and leave the door open to chance for our upcoming leadership opportunities, once our long list of travel and adventure is exhausted.

Here is the power to use the personal needs as a basis for your departure: No one can talk to you. If you tell someone “I feel” or “I” can not argue against it.

a position that is both vulnerable and endearing real time – from the burden that is imposed.

2. Talk to people who count first.
campaigns before departure rumors can destroy your relationships and ruin another great resignation.

Each starting any business requires reflection and careful planning. Follow the chain of command when going to resign.

Here are some tips.

Do not tell anyone who intends to resign or consider resigning.
When the time comes to retire, talk to your supervisor. He or she will advise on the next steps.
Once you have received instructions from your manager, talk with their first reports. So tell your colleagues.
After careful and deliberate process of his resignation will prevent rumors spreading false rumors. At the same time, it will save more feelings of unnecessary pain.

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3. Public Being on it.
When someone leaves a company in a hurry silence, rumors are flying. Some people will be despised. Some people will be confused. Most people will invent their own false reasons for his departure, which always puts you in the worst possible light.

Is there a way around this? Yes.

Be open about the reasons for his resignation. There is tremendous value in the opening. By being open, rumors are avoided, avoid suspicion, build trust and dispel any doubts about the reasons for his departure.

Pichette open letter to the world is an excellent example of openness. Each person on the planet with an Internet connection can learn for themselves the reasons for the departure of Google Pichette. There is no secret, rumors, and even a poignant lesson about investing your life in the people who matter.

4. Talk to your colleagues personally.
When you resign, you will say a few goodbyes. The way things say goodbye, because what people will remember you.

I recommend getting people personally. When talking to someone face to face, they are able to make a connection that is both memorable and meaningful.

Share a personal word with his colleagues, to make clear the following things:

Recognition. We are grateful for their participation in your life. One example or two of the things you are grateful for.
My best wishes. You want to have a profitable and successful career.
The future. You’re not dying. You simply are not going to work here. Tell them you want to keep in touch.
If you work in a large company, you will not be able to talk with everyone. Try at least have a word with people in your department, especially his subordinates and closest colleagues.

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You can leave work unfinished relationships. Although you can not work with his former colleagues in the same way, it is possible that their new status gives you freedom to be closer to work together in a better way, and bring mutual success.