How to Reupholster an Old Piece of Furniture

Being able to upholster something at home is a very useful skill. Once you learn to upholster a chair, you can activate all kinds of throwaways of useful store furniture, beautiful.

The tools you will need

A manual stapler can work in a pinch to fix the fabric, but it is much better suited to metal cables or home improvement projects. Some manual staple weapons require the use of two hands is hard to do when working around the furniture limits, which can be tiring.

Furniture projects are best done by using a quickly stapled stapler driven through the fabric and hardwood with little effort. Utility rifle models are available as electric or pneumatic (air).

Electric Tackers
Electric staplers are extremely convenient. They are easy to carry (no compressor to slide) and setting (only plug in). No compressor, no annoying noise.

But electric staplers lack the power and performance of a pneumatic stapler. The staples pass through the particle board, but for hardwoods often require more pressure down to ensure good contact. Electric staplers may encounter problems with staples only going half way through the wood, which requires you or pull the clip or pound on using a hammer. These performance problems lose time and make the task much more difficult to furnish.

The best DuoFast and Maestri staplers (hard to find in the US) are probably the best, but cost about $ 200.

Pneumatic Tackers
Pneumatic guns are operated by air and require a separate air compressor to operate. Staplers do not cost cheap, from $ 23 for a staple freight port to $ 80 for a Porter-Cable quality stapler. But an air compressor can get you at least $ 100 more fixed. The compressor can be used to perform other pneumatic tools such as an impact wrench, nailer and guns.

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If portability is not a problem, then a pneumatic stapler is the way to go. It is what professionals use and is the best way to get the staples into the least amount of time.

The video below shows a comparison between one of the electric and pneumatic pistol staples. Note the power and speed of the pneumatic stapler.

When purchasing a stapler saddlery, research these three characteristics.

Extended Long Nose: This will help stapled in hard-to-reach areas. Only, it finds in pneumatic staplers.
22 Gauge Stapler: This is the standard size stapling for home furnishings, but can be used 18 smaller gauge staples are easier to work with.
Staples Crown Narrow: These clips are 1/4 “wide which give you much more flexibility when used for upholstery.
Finding the right seat
There are many reasons why you might want to reupholster a chair, but head of them is a sentimental value. If you have an old worn piece that has been in the family for years, it is probably worth stuffing. It is also necessary to save a piece of furniture that corresponds to a specific area.

You can start learning about this chaise or going to any that save store, greeting or goodwill and ramasser a chaise in quality fabric couverte. Le plus vieux, le mieux. Une chaise qui a 15-20 ans or plus et est toujours debout est a grand signe de qualité.

Inspect the cabin and check the jambs and frame for all fissures or cracks in the forest. You have the need for a solid foundation to work and a chair that is a machine to set more and more time to repair.

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Rechercher des ressorts hélicoïdaux dans les chaises et les canapés. Click on the place and press the remains and look at the site to see the remains. A quality canapé should be heavy and easy to ramasser which is a solid wood sign.

Reload time

The best way to learn to come back is to unfold (disassemble) the chaises et des canapés. Once you have an idea of how no older furniture is built, you have a better idea of how to repair, re-matter, and recreate them.

The greatest décision au cours du processus de rembourrage est de choisir un nouveau tissu. Une fois que vous avez fait votre sélection, ce graphique vous montrez combien de tissu vous aurez besoin. A standard canopy uses environ 13 meters of fabric and a working chair. Le tissu d’ameublement coûte between $ 20 and $ 70 per yard or plus, depending on the quality. Gardez donc à l’esprit le reupholstery d’un sofa typique between $ 260 and $ 910, or plus, pour le tissu seul. Visitez your local Jo-Ann or fabric store and get the main sur le tissu.

Quand vous commencez à récupérer vos meubles, travaillez une section à la fois. Alignez votre nouveau tissu dans la pièce et utilisez votre pistolet agrafe pour le sécuriser. Assurez-vous qu’il n’y a pas de lacunes et pliez et pliez les bords de chaque pièce de tissu pour s’assurer that are serré et lisse. Add a bâton et rembourrage supplémentaire if necessary. See the movie ci-dessus pour voir a professionnel en action.

You can also learn to reupholster is in prenant a group class. Students work on different pieces and everyone learns about various types of furniture. It is also possible that the wastes are supplied in a way that is initially invested, especially if it is necessary that you do not know how. Confirm your local community collage or training centers. You can also call local tapissiers in your region and request their suggestions.

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