How to run faster and longer in simple 20 steps ?

20 ways to run faster

Welcome, brave challenger. Would you run faster, right? If so, you are exactly right! Apply these 20 ways to run faster than you ever thought possible and fly beyond her faster than you can say, “undelay” Competition

1. Do it right
The right way is the first step in any exercise plan. Watch some videos of the best riders in the world and pay attention to how your body effectively advance. Keep your eyes forward, maintain a high and relaxed posture, move your arms forward and back, and hits the ground with the midfoot below the hip. If you have a knowledgeable training partner, he / she observes its shape and identify weaknesses that need work. This will help you learn to move consciously reflected.

2. Fast and furious
Go up the intensity by doing the race two or three times a week to increase your speed and make it convenient for your busy schedule training. If you live in a neighborhood with light loads on the sidewalk, you can turn to lead a training workout (Interview) high intensity sprint interval for a position, run to the other, being execution to the next, and soon.

3. Strengthen your heart
Strengthen your core muscles to run smoother and faster (and develop good abs game!). Hold the board is one of the most effective exercises for beginners base.

4. Take
Sprinting every day is a sure way to burn a hurry, so be sure to vary your workouts to include high intensity training to prevent the depletion of low, medium and. You can change their rhythm during a training session to include brisk walking, moderate trot, and a hard sprint. This will also help make your workout more fun and interesting.

5. Less is more
Keep your nice training suit and light so that you can move easily. Try a pair of minimalist sports shoes size if you are serious about your results.

6. Implementation of the hills
Take your drive on and for fresh air and a change of pace. mountain races are one of the most effective ways to develop speed strength and muscle. Find a big hill in a neighborhood park and run sprints up. Back down to a brief cooling forward again. Repeat for 5-10 circuits based on their level of experience for a quick workout and practice that will help you run faster. If you live in a city without a park, you might want to consider running hill sprints band, a quick way to burn fat.

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7. Development before
You keep your eyes forward with eyes forward to run faster and break your previous best.

8. Lose Weight
The less weight you carry, the faster it will be. Of course, if you are already at your ideal weight, this does not concern you, and please talk to your doctor if you have a problem before starting a weight loss plan.

9. Power Train
He squats and lunges are your friends! Not only do they give a prize to be proud of, but also develop strong legs that will be better able to move your body quickly and easily. Perform the next body weight resistance training session of the house two or three times a week:

-Squats (Hands on a wall for support if necessary)
-Buttons Planes (on the wall or desk if necessary)
-Lunges (Hand on the wall bracket if necessary)
-wall-Tira or rows of body weight,

I am also including push-ups and wall or pulling rows of body weight, because it is important to conduct a routine workout balanced force covering each muscle group. Wall-ups and bodyweight exercises rows are replacing pull-up for beginners that can be done in the comfort of your own home. Pushups, pull, and the lines help build upper body strength and toned arms.

Do 2-3 sets of 10-20 repetitions of each exercise based on what is appropriate for their level of experience and rest for about 1-2 minutes in the middle game.

10. Jump up and down
Invest in a jump rope, set up “Eye of the Tiger” and channel your inner-Rocky! Jumping rope is one of the best ways to develop fast feet (and it is difficult to see how quick feet could help run faster). you can also develop their coordination and balance, which will help you move with purpose and grace.

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11. released
Get on the floor and start stretching! Perform some gentle yoga postures, especially in the hips and legs, after every single workout. Your body will thank you with less pain and greater flexibility. Click here for a complete fresh yoga routine you can do at home.

12. fuel your body
Eating junk food before your workout would be like pouring sugar in your gas tank before the road trip of the family. Eat carbohydrates in the form of whole grains and the long-term energy pasta that will take you through your workout.

13. Keep a journal
It will bring endless run anywhere in a hurry. Invest in a magazine specifically to save your workout results so you can stay accountable and on track. Note the details of each training session and give you to improve in some way every day. Keep a training log will also keep you busy, and you have a written faster reporting becomes much.

14. Ask for help
Strength in numbers is a powerful concept. Find support from friends or relatives who also want to run faster. Invite them to run with you for a friendly competition and social support that will help you stay within your training plan. If you do not know someone who would like to join you, the Internet is a great place where you can find support worldwide. Search through the messages of support and similar communities of people because it is not only (or less!).

15. push
If it were easy, everyone would do it, so please realize that you have to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. I can do all hot and sweaty may not sound like fun, but necessary if you want results. Assuming a 1-10 scale that describes how your score when training, you should try to disrupt the exercise around # 7. You should feel challenged but not exhausted. Keep a training log and give you to improve yourself every day. The improvement can be in various forms such as faster, long a mile, or additional speed circuit.

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16. Coffee Drink
Caffeine has been shown to improve your training intensity and speed. Make sure you do not dump a mountain of sugar in beer: instead, add a little milk and a pinch of cinnamon for a healthy dose of caffeine and more delicious.

17. Prepare
Take your iPod and turn up the volume! Choose a training melodies that allows you to get the training mentally and let them know who’s boss (you!).

18. Mix It Up
Apply all the different styles of training I was referring here to keep your training fun and interesting. Do a bit of body weight the driving force to build strength and burn fat. If you hurry, give your body a quick sprints with some climbing or climb. Take a break and go on a nice brisk walk in the park with your lover or animal. And do not forget to train your heart and flexibility so you can improve your balance and posture, which will help you run faster (and with purpose!).

19. Rest and recovery
Push your body without pause continuously will result in exhaustion at best and at worst injuries. Take at least two days off a week where only license training is a pleasant walk or a few gentle yoga postures. Make sure you get about 6-8 hours of sleep each night, because studies show that sleep patterns produce uniform faster reaction time and finished the race faster. If you have trouble getting enough Shut the night, check out this simple strategy for better rest in less time.

20. Be patient
Rome was not built in a day. Further progress in the direction of your goal and I promise to get there.