How can I save money? 25 tips on how to save money fast

“How can I save money?” That is the question all of us.

These difficult economic times have put in us “as a precaution” in relation to our expenses. It is always good to consult the guidance on this issue every few months because it’s amazing what you can finally start to believe it is an essential expense in your life where you can actually relegate much to the “option “or” less “list.

If you are looking for ways to drastically reduce spending immediately, first look at what to spend money on every week. And I mean really need. You really do not need to order in food. In fact, it is necessary to buy expensive perfume.

Construction of this you can know how your current expenses can be reduced. As for irregular expenditure, but can also be deceptively expensive long term. Once off-purchases can also be addressed with careful planning and a little extra research.

And remember: a lifestyle budget does not mean a bad or boring!

ordinary expenses for the average adult (can be cut, but not eliminated)

rent / mortgage
socialization / entertainment
Hygiene products
household expenditure
irregular expenditure for the average adult (you can eliminate or greatly reduce):

drugs (* depends)
grooming (hair, nails, etc.)


1) Keep a stock of food to the office / work: Instead of jumping on an overpriced salad and a smoothie, leave a set of basic tools in the office and a deposit of non-perishable products like fruits tuna , rice crackers and so on canned (try to avoid junk food and this can become a great diet!). Stock up means that you will not forget or say “I do not have time” when they rushed to work in the morning.

2) Buy store brand version: Many basic foods such as bread and milk will taste exactly the same as their branded alternatives. Opt for stuff with additives and preservatives minimum. The meat in a tube is probably incredibly unhealthy!

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3) Eat less expensive meats: Learn to tenderize and flavor the meat and less fish, and save on the (usually) more expensive on your grocery bill item.

4) Have group dinners: If 10 friends each put $ 5 into the pot, it is quite easy to make a giant lasagna and refreshments, as well as spending time with loved ones.

5) Get a bike: save money and bus fares / gas meter with this mode of transport underestimated.

6) Use public transport and / or not getting taxis: Some places can only be reached by car. But as good practice, make their public transport website and see if the roads pass close to where it should go. Walk as much as you can.

7) Find the cheapest gas: Check regularly where you can buy the cheapest gas.

general stores
8) Online: Not only will you save on transportation of gas tariffs or go to the mall, but you can find better deals

9) Sell your old stuff: Get your unwanted effects on eBay as soon as possible and make a few dollars.

10) stores buying in bulk: For purchases / non-regular slow perishable perishable, such as toilet paper, cat food, pasta, washing powder and so on, make an epic journey of storage before a cooperative or equivalent (my mother go to a place where they buy restaurants). Beware of supermarket “offers”, as some have been deemed fraudulent after the resolution of a simple calculation.

11) become a flea market guru sale / Street boot / car: You can find original gifts and develop good negotiating skills in these places.

12) the generic brand drugs: More often than not, the generic version of paracetamol and other commodity works the same as the version of brand name.

13) Choose deodorant, perfume not: blows my mind when someone falls $ 70 into a spray bottle. Stick with a good deodorant, not only feel good, but you will be free of exploitation as well!

household expenditure
14) Printing: Ink is one of the most expensive offices and the color ink is doubly substances. Be more efficient and select black and white, and if the printer has a print-two-side options, print only the odd pages first, reinsert the paper and print the even pages. Expand the margins of what will print as many times as you can save on paper.

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15) Reduce SMS messages and telephone calls: a combination of a cat as WhatsApp and free telephone like Skype can reduce your bill to nothing (provided you have a decent Wi-Fi connection).

16) Take a tour of insurance: Most people do not spend enough time looking for the best insurance. Keep a watchful eye on offers and new competitors in the market.

17) Try to re-negotiate your rent / mortgage: If you have accumulated a good credit history or a good relationship with its owner, then it is likely that outspoken about the need to adjust your spending could reduce their payments. You have nothing to lose by trying.

18) Not having a TV: Investing in a computer / laptop and internet package only. You can see more (and often better) entertainment on the web, and skip commercials too.

19) pool their Internet bill with a neighbor: My building is basically a large part of the old house into three apartments. There are five of us in total. We collect Internet bill, which is crazy cheap.

Socialization, entertainment and travel
20) Have parts of the house: Instead of paying for expensive drinks, has created a series of internal meetings with friends. Everyone takes a turn, so it’s not always your home that needs cleaning. For sound insulation hanging heavy curtains on the walls and windows. For music, investing in a good set of speakers that can be connected to the computer. Let Spotify or Grooveshark playlists do the rest.

21) opened festivals, meetings and events: never ceases to amaze me the amount of underground things going around me free or cheap. Find out who runs the blogs and websites that list all the lesser known cultural activities.

22) Volunteers: If you can not afford a ticket, volunteer and get to be there anyway.

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23) housesit: There are several websites that offer Housesitting the ability to avoid paying hotel and skip the seedy hostels clumsiness.

Health and Beauty
24) DIY Beauty: French manicure, pedicure, waxing, eyebrow … pretty much anything that can be done at home (and well done) with a little practice. There are many excellent blogs and YouTube tutorials to help.

25) Less discounts / volunteer in a peluquera: If you can not bear the risk of an apprentice touching your locks, learn other ways to manipulate the hair as it grows sparingly and haircut. haircuts women are outrageously expensive in many cities.

Great tips to save money for everything,

-Share Resources / pool: Organize a neighborhood distribution system, common resources for their home or with friends. Not everyone needs an individual lawnmower.

energy saving -Buy all: The best way to lower your bills – replacing light bulbs!

Bulk-buying: Be reasonable about it (ie make sure you have room!), And drastically reduce weekly expenses.

-DIY: Skill using YouTube tutorials in plumbing and many other essential services so you never have to pay for simple problems again.

-Search Long before making a decision: Most of the money-wasting is the result of poor preparation and planning. No escape this part just because you do not like!

-Use Network: the network is full of resources that can relieve the budgets of pain. Ask for help.

-STOP And I think: do I really need?

Unfortunately, there are some things that require plain ol ‘still dropping. This can include high-cost sports like skiing, the latest versions of certain technologies, the best brands of food / drinks, first class seats at the opera and most other indulgences.

What is important to remember in lean times is that when you look back on your life, you will experience that stand out, no amenities. Living in a budget that can teach you a lot about how much you can really get out of your paycheck. We live only one life, so most of every penny you earn!