Facebook for Android now allows you to save videos for an offline view

The latest versions of the Facebook Android application allow users to record videos to watch offline. The video is saved in the application in the Saved section and can not be viewed independently of the users.

Facebook for Android shows a “Save Video” option in the drop-down menu in a Facebook message. Videos can be recorded and viewed offline for as many times as the user wants and can also be removed as they wish.

The company may not be willing to provide the video file independently to its users in order to encourage participation in their own social networking site media, however, is a person guess what the real reason behind this decision. It seems to be in line with what the company like Google has done with YouTube in developing countries like India where an option to record offline is present to combat mobile data problems.

According to an Android police report, the ability to record videos currently appears in versions 85 and 86 (beta) of the Facebook application for Android.

Earlier this month Facebook said it will start testing online video with a “small group of people” from July 11 in an email that was sent to the administrators of the page for selected media partners .

The email said that the test is supposed to take place in India, one of the markets where connectivity is a real problem, and also that publishers have the opportunity to choose not to participate in this trial.

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Previously, YouTube also allowed users to download videos for offline viewing. However, it forces users to resynchronize the application every 48 hours to verify that the video has not been released by the loader or website. It will be interesting to see if Facebook also applies restrictions on downloading as YouTube did its job