Talk less you can get closer to those you love

When my daughter was very young, I am a single mother worked several jobs to support us. Some days my daily responsibilities left me emotionally and physically exhausted and just wanted to sit in silence. (Two decades later, I still have those days.) My sweet little angel sitting next to me and chatted at a rate of a kilometer and a half, said enthusiastically of their day, or even that it was Barney Dinosaur to inspire. Although I enjoyed my time alone with her, and loved listening to their stories, there were days when I was overloaded. Since I knew the words of the people stung me like a child, I did not do the same with her; So instead of telling him to be quiet, just I said, “Honey ears, Mom tired tonight.”

My great girl, then turned to me and said. “Okay mom We can sit and” nuggle. “And with that, we sat quietly and hugged each other on the couch or work in a coloring book together. Even at a young age, my daughter was not intimidated by talking less.

Talk less it is how leaders are made

I am certainly guilty of being a talker. I’m as guilty of not being the best listener. I recognize these traits in myself and do my best on a daily basis, be better balanced in these areas. I was always the person who was only half listening as he waited for my chance to throw my two cents. From time to time, I still catch me, but I’ve learned to recognize my anxious inner voice and discard.

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Parents and supervisors are some of the biggest offenders of not recognizing the strength to speak less. I’m sure everyone has done this or experienced. The person asks a question, and if the response does not occur almost immediately begin feeding the answer to the other. Here are some examples:

Kinsman child?. “Billy, why cry when the grandfather touched her teddy bear” Insert a momentary pause Is it because you thought had hurt Mr. Bear Or because you do not want to share East? -this because the grandfather funny smell?

-Employer Staff: “I wonder why nobody has contacted our supplier regarding the difference in the order.” Insert five seconds of silence. “Everyone thought someone was going to do? You thought it was an insignificant loss? Do you care about the success of this company?

In both examples, they would have asked, then sat in silence, instead of feeding their audience with a selection of multiple choice answers to choose from.

A calm mind is a healthy and productive spirit

Luminita in Saviuc Purpose Fairy wrote an article on the positive results that come with talk less. It confirms the wisdom of silence learn to talk less and say that we have permission to breathe. It reminds us that because of our silence we find not in danger, but could actually experience the clarity. When our mind is calm, we can help our body to purge the stress nowadays.

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something. – Plato
I want to be a wise woman. I learn more and more to be the wise woman.

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Do not fear the silence around you

As technology takes a stronghold on us now, we replace our silence with “noise” to turn to our mobile devices. I saw a lot of couples or public groups, the devices appear when there is a lull in the conversation. The only sounds you hear are your fingers touch the tiny keyboards. Why are we so afraid to be silent?

We should not misunderstand this approach by talking less excited if-talk, jokes and conversations have a place in all our lives.