Here are five things I learned to do in the way of my first 10,000 copies:

1. Write your best book
It seems obvious, I know. But there is a world of bad writing, self-published work poorly edited there. Because the tools have become so easy to use, it is tempting to get something there, without going through the rigors of research and publication in the hope of rapid discovery and viral success. Do not give in to this temptation. I spent over a year to write my first novel, and almost a year to write my second. If you do not know someone who can competently edit your writing, hire someone. range readers know the difference. Here’s a small example: I let out the first two parts of my novel Where the hell is Tesla? as a series of stories, like Hugh Howey originally made with wool series. And although the answer they gave was very positive, I tore myself small editing errors. So I learned a great lesson before selling a single copy of the complete novel – the product must be bulletproof. Editing, spell checking, format, consistency, the motivations of the characters, plot holes, everything. I do not think all the marketing in the world will contribute to a product that is not ready to start.

2. Build your “platform”
Book marketing consultant Tim Grahl defines its platform that whatever the plan and the methods used to connect with readers and book sales. In my case, given the nature of my work full time, I could not consider tourism, and frankly did not have the patience to find a publicist facing me as a writer, for the first time, so I chose the road only online: page web, social media, author of the Amazon, and email list.

ï Website: Yes, it is common sense, but if you go to self-publish a book, you need a website to spread the message and continue the conversation. There is a place for lovers of you and a way to build your email list contact. (Here’s an excellent article on making the process as painless as possible a web page.) In fact, I can create content for both sites: Publishing and Goldfinch. It begins with traffic scratch, as I did, but after a while (be patient!) If you have an attractive and good content keywords, you will see clicks and email records begin to arrive.

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These are just a couple – one too many to list – I especially like websites Copyright: Mark Manson and Hugh Howey. These guys are really great to connect with their fans.

ï Social Media: I’ve heard many people recommend it and will tell you the same thing: do not overdo it. With a full-time job and writing and publishing on the side, this book promote productivity test my limits. So I prefer just Facebook and Twitter, and I would go with one or two that feels right for you. For example, if you create a graphic novel – very visual – maybe Facebook and Pinterest is your thing. Journalist writing nonfiction? Twitter. Try them all and see what feels right for you.

An example of a highlight for me is John Scalzi (@scalzi). It’s a great successful writer of science fiction with a large number of Twitter followers. Use Twitter as a kind of sounding board still there, every day, several times a day, with his sense of humor and insistence to be himself. It’s great.

ï Amazon and author of books I could get very detailed, but here’s the quick summary: If you self-publish on Amazon, using every space they give you. Do not leave it blank. Put a lot of key phrases in the book’s description and keywords in the list on page selling books on Amazon. Connect the writer to show the latest blog posts and tweets. I have spoken with many people who can not seem to sell copies of his books, and after looking, I think we just are not taking advantage of simple features that can help get discovered.

ï Send the list: It is an uphill battle, but worth it. As a new author, make people interested enough to go with you by e-mail is difficult. But since I started blogging, publish, Twitter and email, and my list is slowly increased. I use MailChimp to manage email list and campaigns. It is a great tool at a great price: free.
3. pursue relentlessly reviews books and exhibitions
I think the main thing that helped sell these books, beyond the quality of the work itself, it said. And this is what I did for them:

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ï Before launch, I came into contact with 75 people who agreed to be advanced examiners, keep in touch with them over the coming weeks, ultimately, start with 25 comments on my page Amazon sales on the first day. Notice enough will lead to Amazon to start recommending it to others. His book also gains some credibility in the minds of people when they are more than a handful of comments.

ï At the end of the ebook, paperback and audio books, I have a clear call to action that leads specifically asking for a review on Amazon or audible, saying it is the best way for independent authors and authors with small businesses for get exposure and sales support. More people than you think have told me that my simply asking them to leave a comment led them to write their first review. Question clearly. Readers love to help!

ï raised my critical eye on Amazon, Goodreads and audible permanently and actively get these people to provide a review in exchange for a free copy of the book. Many people were taking me on this job. This is difficult, tedious work, but well worth the effort.

ï I also run free books, gifts and committed members of Goodreads for free copies honest exchange for copies.

As for the exhibition: Could you just write a whole article on this subject, but ultimately, spend time networking with which you can and investigate these websites and get as possible offer guests offers , interviews, book reviews, or creating this site may find interesting reading, or live in physical, places such as libraries. To date, my first novel, probably landed ten of these opportunities, which is a lot, but it certainly helped me sell books.
4. Promote your book
This is where a little investment can go a long way. There are all kinds of ways to use paid promotion to spread the word about your book, but here’s an example that worked for me: if you publish on Amazon, you are offered KDP Select, an incentive to sell digital version of his book exclusively through Amazon. In exchange for this exclusivity, it is allowed to perform something called countdown deals. I chose this path for my novel, and that’s how I did it work:

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ï KDP Select: Every three months, his contract renewed, allowing you a countdown to offer during this period. So in this first year of my first novel, I am able to run four of them. Every time I took my normal price, $ 3.99, $ 0.99 and discount. (Amazon puts a timer on your book page, and the “countdown”.)

ï email promotions: Coinciding with the account of the offers down, I found paid promotions ebooks through sites book promotion packages lists and send daily emails to subscribers. (Some post for mass communication also.) BookGorilla, FussyLibrarian, BargainBooksy, Booksends, was included EReader News Today, and many others.

ï Online advertising: All major online services offer paid advertising. At one time or another during promotions account back, I’ve tried everything. Global? I would say if you have the stomach to spend money that does not return a value as high as email promotions stoves mentioned above, but would like to increase their exposure, and then move on. For each, you can set a daily budget, start date, end date, and live monitoring of the response is not exceeded. I put my daily budgets between $ 5 and $ 20 per day for a week. I ran ads Facebook / Instagram, small advertisements from Google, Amazon, Twitter small classified ads, and more. (I am constantly experimenting with different degrees of success).

ï Social Media: Ongoing in each of these developments, I have the word as much as possible through Facebook and Twitter.

The result? The four promotional periods, as expected, showed the highest peak sales.

5. Record Audio Book
Well, this is a little more difficult. I happen to have a great audio experience, so the process was simple for me. But I created a complete post about how to record your own audio book without breaking the bank and there are many options for storytellers and producers to help via Amazon subsidiary, ACX. The reason I include this as one of the five best things to explore when self-publishing? Because audio books continue to rise in a big way, with sales growth of 148 percent from 2010 to 2015, and audio books read by their authors are also increasing. And personally, I can attest: audio books represent a significant percentage of my sales.