How to Get the Most Money Selling Your Used Stuff on Amazon

There are two “seller” programs on Amazon. The first, “shipped by” (FBA) requires a monthly fee, but offers great benefits, both comfort and help you get your stuff sold. The second simple “Amazon seller,” allows you to list what you like, and Amazon charges a fee for each item sold. Here is a breakdown of each program.

Respected by Amazon: FBA is ideal if you want to take all your unwanted home as quickly as possible. Let Amazon face the hassle of storage, shipment and customer service to everyone who buys it. To participate, you have to pay an extra $ 39 / month to become a “professional seller”, and once you are ready (how Adam Dachis shows you how to make your guide), all you have to do is pack it Your articles, send them to Amazon, and wait for the money to roll.

The biggest advantage here is that Amazon handles virtually every aspect of the sales process. List his team, who even make their items available on Prime Shipping, which will attract even more potential customers to your article. The monthly fee can take a bite out of their profits (although no charge for the sale), but convenience can not be beaten. In addition, making a professional Amazon seller allows you to sell things that others can not, such as clothes and shoes. There are some caveats, however. If your items are not selling, you will have to pay Amazon storage fees. The service is also not ideal for low value items that you want to sell one at a time, you really should have a mountain of things to send once, all you know that probably sell quickly.

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Amazon Seller: Amazon Seller is the standard for people who are looking for specific list items to sell one by one, when they deem it opportune. Think of it as eBay, but with the advantage of the massive catalog of Amazon products and customers. We have repeatedly highlighted the Amazon seller as the best way to sell all kinds of things; Mostly electronic, books, collectibles, or just about everything that Amazon also sells. Publication does not pay rates with Amazon Seller, but you pay $ 0.99 per sale, and Amazon takes extra charges depending on the product category and the final selling price.
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Of course, because you are really an individual seller, you have to indicate the product yourself, set your own price, keep track of your inventory, and send the item when it sells. You will also have to deal with customer service and questions from buyers – if there is a dispute, you have to deal with it. Also, you do not receive the benefit of the list of your items under main shipping, but you can offer free shipping if you want. If your main goal is to unclutter, you have no idea if their stuff will be sold, and you are willing to take your time to do it, this is the best option or you.

For more information about the differences between the two Amazon programs, check out their FAQ provider program here. Choosing the right program will ensure that you leave with the money as possible at the end of the month.

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