How to Sell Stuffs on Facebook Marketplace similar to Craigslist ?

Selling Things on Marketplace of Facebook like Craigslist

Facebook Marketplace lets you browse and order the appropriate power to buy things from people living nearby, and soon your list of things for sale. Integration with Facebook Messenger allows haggle or to arrange a follow-up meeting, and you know more about who you are dealing with more than one unknown sites like Craigslist personal thanks to Facebook.

Market launches today in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand on a mobile phone, but can roll at the global level and on the Internet, if it is popular. There is a shortage and unfortunately for the rating system two way that helps deter fraud and misconduct. There is also an exit option transactions beyond original personalized by the Messenger of payment, it’s annoying, but promotes the exchange in person instead of sending Laden fraud.

Said manager of product market Bowen “I think the spread of Craigslist shows that there is a great need for a local trade in the product.”

While pages are not scanned into the market at the moment, Facebook could generate advertising revenue if it allows companies or individuals buy news channel or placed under the auspices of what they are selling ads. Ban says TechCrunch, “after I’m sure we’ve built a great product for people experience, and we will look to provide the business if it makes sense, and then we will see how it is possible to criticize the surface.

Facebook is betting big on the market, consider taking it to more than one point on the main navigation bar, replacing direct access to Facebook Messenger for iOS. The privileged location of the market in the online edition of impulse purchases in the box.

Social Selling

Facebook continues the unwavering passion for eating the Internet and create their own versions of all popular Internet activity to accommodate their participation and the possibility of profit. More experience in trading their property, what else can gain indirectly through advertising. It is also working on the tab shopping to buy from the brand of traditional retailers.

Facebook has been trying to win local trade for about ten years. In 2007, I tried for the first time in the “market” secret lists of things for sale, housing, employment, and more. But the market has not gained strength and powerful and in 2009 the transfer of control of Facebook Oodle, and engine trading platform in it. Which it was closed in 2014.

Then, last year, Facebook took another turn, a special building “for sale” another option for groups, and almost a quarter of 1.71 billion users now visit each month. In October 2015, Facebook launched the test function “local market”, which would become the market launch today.

Facebook market has three main features:

  1. Browse Buy – the market opens in the feed filtered items that can be purchased from your community. Thanks to the popular tags in addition to their own menus and text analysis with Facebook to Amnesty International, along with pages you want and things that browsers on the market, the menus that appear are ranked based on relevance. Messages like “Is this item still available?” What if the item is in the pre-made? “Negotiations simpler decisions.
  2. Selling your stuff – instead of having to create a new file, you can easily take pictures of your article, add a description, set the sale price, and publish their profile.
  3. Find your environment – along with navigating categories such as home or electronics, you can also search for something specific and filter what you see by location, category and price or map.
    “We offer the most relevant articles to show, even if you do not know what you want,” Ban said

Craigslist has flourished in the United States as the common denominator of Commerce. It was among the dead simple, flexible, and much began before many competitors. Has incredible momentum, with buyers and sellers alike are attracted to it because it provides the largest supply and demand, despite the lack of features.

But niche sites recently, we have seen succeed in dismantling some of the features of Craigslist. For example, the review helped calendars and push through a built-in theft of the rental market in the short-term Airbnb Craigslist. Graphic feel and filter options allow rates lends character StubHub tickets steal re-sale.

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No one was able to fight with the house to peer-to-peer sell off Craigslist but can have the best chance of three reasons Facebook.


On Craigslist nothing is known about the buyer or seller you are holding meetings after what they say in their insertion and direct contact. However, the features of Facebook that say tons.

It’s hard for fraudsters with fake accounts to build a large number of friends, even if someone has a lot well as a look at output, you can be sure they are. Such information or lack of it could be that the idea of access if you want to meet them in person, which can be risky. In addition, there is more accountability and people behave better if they think they can give a name to the police, they scoured at work, or share them in social media.

Feature lacks the most desperate in the market is a way for buyers and sellers to evaluate each other, and observe things like that this topic was in a worse state than in the list, the seller tried to jump the price the last minute, or that the buyer was submitted late or flaked out.

Mod Cons

People usually go to Craigslist only when they want something specific. After spending because of about 50 minutes a day on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. The market will be just a click away within Facebook, instead of being buried in more of the tab, as many of the features.

Through the market building to where we spend our time and is the establishment of farmer’s market in the city center. Users can browse through the market simply because they are bored. Thanks to the popularity of Messenger messages, buyers and sellers can easily chat without phone numbers. The competing trading platform may still have to rely on Facebook to communicate.


Craigslist and many other P2P commerce platforms are very focused on their target menu text on a page tons. Some Internet was built before everyone always had the camera handy so they are not fun to browse. No behavioral data and interest, and do not know what he wants. Mobile Market was built for the first time at the head of the images, which made the surf efficient and rewarding related species.

These qualities encouraged to browse randomly. You can find great discounts because the seller just wants to get rid of something, and that did not get from traditional uses market retailers.That a bit like a treasure through flea markets or garage sales, where you can get excited about what you could discover. Clothing, cars and home furnishings at discounted tested the highest echelons during the test.

Now the question is whether Facebook will give the promotional market love to flourish and if you can maintain a safe experience. “Actually the people of Facebook represent real beings,” says all the benefits of having level verification and peer behind both the seller and the buyer.

Spontaneous purchases

If you find people using Facebook partner Marketplace, and says he will take steps, beginning with the removal of a menu item to prevent someone function together. You do not have permission to sell weapons, adult services, or other illegal things, for example.

That said, Facebook is not responsible for fraud or other problems during the process. This is partly why not only allows you to pay for items such as direct e-commerce platform or a site like eBay. If someone steals when you go to a place to buy a sofa, or send payment to the forebay anyone does not end until you, you have to eat with the police. “We see our role is only to link buyers and sellers,” Pan said.

Facebook has the opportunity to do what I have shopped for video consumption: make it spontaneous. Do not go to Facebook to see significant and YouTube videos, but ultimately see them anyway because power intelligently insert. Now that the casual style can come to trade.

“We found that the vast majority of people like to browse. They do not have a particular item in mind. It’s just … moving through food and see if there was something that could affect them,” concludes the pan. “And mimics some of the buying habits is going to the Sunday market or the mall. Do not know the items you want, but you are open to them.”

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