How to Serve in Tennis Step by Step ?

Serving in Tennis

Tennis is different from most other sports due to its unique scoring system. For example, in tennis, you can earn more points than your opponent and still emerge as the winner. Much of this is that if you never lose your service, not to be missed!

The rules are not going to change in the short term, then you should do everything you can use to your advantage. And that means getting a great kick.

Players like Sampras, Federer, and the Williams sisters are all great players. Without reducing their other skills, the foundation of their success is undoubtedly the fact that they were all great dessert.

How many times have you seen Federer serve his way out of trouble in a big game? And Sampras became virtually unbeatable in short rapidly due to this plan. Serena scares opponents simply because it has the biggest serve on the women’s tour!

What impact a service weapon would have on your game? Do your opponents react differently if they knew that could serve as the “big boys and girls?”

The good news is the most practical, the better! And it’s a shot, you can develop your own, without a partner.

Here are five elements of a super-serve, you can start working today that will put a little more to develop a service weapon of his own.

The hurry

If you have not already, the faster you can get a continental control of your service will be better.

Continental is when the racket is held as if holding an ax or a hammer (hence its other names, such as helicopter and a hammer grip).

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This handle will allow you to produce more simple and powerful movement service, which allows the movement of the right-hand contact is an essential part of good service.

One of the easiest ways to get the feel of the handle is seen if you can bounce a tennis ball with the bottom edge of the racket. How to tell if you do not hold the racket properly because the edge of the racket does not fall directly on top of the ball.

Action start

You need a powerful launch action in order to develop a powerful service. While many people talk about the fact that the service action is similar to the action of baseball pitching, which is a kind of truth to the extent that both launch actions, there is an essential difference.

The baseball field is a jet / flat level while the service is a resource tennis throwing up the issuance of the ball in the air if it were a baseball field.

Just open tennis balls over the net will improve this skill, but you must ensure that you take not only the distance but also for height.

Try to throw the ball as far and higher than can really make specific tennis skills this simple.

Balloon launch

Too many players struggle with their ball at random. While this may sound simple, but the service never reach supersonic proportions.

You only need to bring the right arm up to the net post (right if left handed, so left-handed) and free – not throw or chuck – the ball when the hand reaches eye level. This should ensure that the ball leaves his hand in a good position and slightly forward in the yard.

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The forward direction is vitally important because it means that you can drive your weight (and its acquired momentum) forward on the ball and in the direction of the throw.

A good way to practice is to place a racket parts on the floor in front of you with the handle right on the baseline and head inside the courtyard, at a small angle (45 degrees to the right if the right hand is , left if left handed).

Go through their service work as usual, but let the ball fall to the ground instead of serving. The ball must fall on or near the head of the racket. Depending on where the ball falls, you will quickly see if you have bad patterns emerging.


Pronation is the action of moving the thumb toward the center of your body.

When the racket hand used should be closer to the ball with a finger first (if you have the correct decision).

As you hit the ball, the hand must change direction moving around so that the thumb moves the ball – as if you were to make a maximum of five.

Professionally, he has seen the tip of the racket (bottom of the handle) to the ball when the player is in his previous position jet (or trophy) and ending with the head up to the sky after the player has his hand fully pronated.

When this is done at high speed, which has the same effect as the movement that makes a whip to “break”.

A great way to practice this action is to stand on the service line against the baseline with a tennis racket and a ball. Dropping the ball on the side of you that snowshoes and after a rebound tries to hit the ball behind you and the network.

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This requires pronation hand and wrist in the desired manner. The better you become the top and you will be able to hit the ball behind you.


60 percent of the game of tennis is actual to serve and return. But their practice time reflects this?

If you’re like most people, you spend most of their forehands and backhands hit time and after a few flights.

After that, you can hit some serves to heat, then play a couple of points. But how long it will actually spend practicing your service?

The development of a great first serve accuracy and service is all about getting on the field and in practice with the power and set the objectives to develop accuracy. Much of its success in developing a uniform, reliable and powerful service will depend on the time spent with nothing more than a bucket of balls and his desire to serve as many balls as you can.

Try adding one of these components into your routine for a week before moving on to the next step. Before you know it, you will begin to see their opponents to go more and more in an effort to try to meet its delivery.