Shaking Cocktail

Most income cocktail calls for the ingredients to be shaken with a shaker. It is far more used, a nice and entertaining technique in the preparation of drinks.

Shaking is a simple technique that with a little practice and following a few tips, you will master in a short time. Once you get your personal shaking style down your cocktails will emerge crisp, cool and concentrated.

What you need:

  • Shakers
  • Ice
  • Spirits, liqueurs, and mixers as called for in the recipe
  • Colander (if a stirrer is used, Boston)

Shaking Tips:

Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice first. This cools the shaker and cools the liquid are added. If a small shaker is used or more than one drink at a time, use less ice to make more room for the ingredients.
Pour mixture glass. If a stirrer is used Boston, pour ingredients into ice unmixed glass. This gives you a visual representation of the amount of liquid that you have invested and many professional bartenders use this technique when the free-flowing.

Do not overfill the shaker. Give the ingredients a lot of room to move. This also helps prevent spills while stirring.
Shake vigorously. Most drinks are mixed properly if it is regularly stirred at a slow count of ten.
Shake drinks more and more difficult. For cocktails that have many ingredients or ingredients that do not mix well as eggs or cream, stir for at least thirty seconds to ensure good mixing.
Search freezing. Most of the time is already shaken when the agitator is out cold.
Stir in a rhythm. Hum, a tune and shake to the rhythm.
Shake it like you mean it. Shaking a cocktail is a sweet young thing and waiters to make a feeble attempt it. Give movement a certain strength and power and enjoy exercising. If you do well and often trembles, the arms should be beautiful and fit.
A firm grip. The celebration of the two-piece shaker firmly to ensure they stay together while shaking.
On his shoulder. Shake on his shoulders (as is natural) only if the agitator off. His back can get wet, but your guests will not. This will also add to the force of the earthquake.

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