Shaking Hands Perfectly

A quarantine seminars I give every year, always make me the same question: “Who of you has never received a bad handshake” Invariably, all raise their hands unsurprisingly there may be required. Like me, “How many people can get something as simple as a handshake wrong?” What is even more surprising is the time to remember those bad handshakes.

Handshake as a form of greeting has existed in some form for as long as humans have existed. The soothing touch, touch hot we share as of animals is essential for social interaction, social harmony, health, survival and security, and to communicate our true feelings. Somewhere along the line all cultures have developed different greetings to communicate what we think of other friction face, to embrace, to hug, to arm hugs, hand grip in its many forms.

The handshake is common but not universal. In some cultures, especially in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, a hug, an air kiss or hug, are favored in a handshake, especially among good friends. In other cultures, particularly in Asia, a short arc is the most polite greeting, and the Middle East women’s hand has not affected at all unless it is provided alone in business circles. In some cultures within cultures, as in the world of sports, greetings evolved from the grip of traditional high five hands fist bump. Every society and every culture define the standard, which can change over time, and yet, if one of them is not done properly, a negative impression is left.
Think of the thousands of people who gather and whenever to shake hands; In general, this is the first time two people touch. You might not think it is important until I ask around and you, businessmen, friends, acquaintances, remember those “bad” years handshake. So in a moment, we do impressions that have a very long life on the basis of a brief but important handshake.

Bad handshake is hard to forget

How you do this handle is essential, which is why so many hands go up when I ask you received the wrong and why are usually followed with comments like “it was wet”, “scary”, “Eee Eee” or simulate hand crushed or handled carefully by the fingertips. Face it, when a handshake is performed incorrectly, it leaves us with negative feelings about the person who gave us the handshake. And, of course, if this person is a repeat offender, these negative feelings are strengthened even simpler.

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Why would a bad handshake stay with us for so long? I suspect the answer is multifaceted and has to do with evolution and survival. Consider this: Two strangers meeting on the African savannah, touching hands, they show that no weapons should not fear each other. Touching hands properly, chemicals are released in the brain, including the chemical bonding oxytocin. These good feelings help to promote harmony and friendship. Any kind of negativity detected from the handshake was as important as that would provide information on any questions, concerns or true feelings. These negative impressions were important because they helped formulate an image of that person we met for the first time.

It is logical that they stay with us for a long time; that’s how we evolved. Negative emotions associated with poor handshake stay with us for so long because it is stored in this part of the brain (amygdala / hippocampus) that helps us assess if there is a danger. This is the area of the brain that helps us remember all of an experience, not to touch the hot stove or eating rotten food.

Mastering the art of shaking

So the question is: how can we do things and what we should avoid? First, keep in mind that handshakes are cultural. If you go to Turkey or the Middle East, handshakes can be very sweet, a good handshake for them. In Utah, you get a “handshake Mormon” enthusiastic, vigorous and prolonged. If you go to Bogota, a handshake can be replaced with a hug, especially if you are liked. The secret is the handshake to reflect the culture when you’re in Rome, do as the Romans.

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Here in the US, all kinds of handshakes are obtained. We have groups of immigrants from around the world and the nation spans six time zones. The handshake may vary along the way, but in business, we have almost a standard to shake hands. Hands clasp with the same pressure, fingers down, or at a slight angle curling around the hand of the other person for the thumb and the index actually point to another on the back of his hand. It is just enough to make it comfortable and socially acceptable time, but not too long. At the same time, it is always good to remember to reflect the handshake of the person with the highest status, if they give a firm handshake, while what you do; On the contrary, if it is soft and short, and that’s what he does.
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Five do

It is not difficult or hard to do, but some manage to screw up. Let’s review some things you should not do to shake hands:

1. Avoid contact with eyes: Be sure to make eye contact with the person you shake hands and avoid distractions. I have seen men shaking hands with a business manager, while the eyes followed by a beautiful woman walking. Do not do that- favor. Eye contact and make better remember the names of people with a simple trick
If you find yourself bumping into conversations with others, shares advanced drive …

2. Have wet hands: About 2.8% of the population suffers from hyperhidrosis excessive sweating. Before waving his hand to make sure it dry first. There is nothing wrong with having a handkerchief can be expected, or wipe on the back of the leg just before shaking hands.

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3. Being too dominant: Sometimes the person who wrote in 1980 to establish a dominant position in a relationship of your hand should be the one to shake hands. The clinical term for this is crap. Twisting the hand of the other person that theirs is superior or play jujitsu hand so that the other person know that you are in charge is just rubbish. Not and if it is done simply to say: “Let’s do it right this time without the theatrics this time.” The only thing that kind of handshaking reaches the level left with a negative impression.

4. Is the “survey” handshake: I listen or give me survey grip hands all the time. The survey shaking hands is where the other person plumbs the index presses against the inside of your wrist. more negative feelings are left and had managers, entrepreneurs, and HR staff tell me that for them is the most feared handshake. Some even said they were “outraged” by it. So, gentlemen (who usually is done by men), in the wrong way you learn on your own or if it is part of a kind of secret society ritual, hit it off.

5. Shake as a politician: Finally, never, unless it is for your grandma or grandpa, the handshake of a politician. This is where you use both hands to cover or cut the hands of the other person. Nobody likes it too personal and must earn the right to do so. Politicians do you think the most you do not like. If you feel you need to play more normally and shake hands with the other key forearm.

Then, shaking hands is a simple act that can get hurt. You are being evaluated when the other hand is played, and you never know if that handshake that runs will be remembered for a long time (good or bad).