Sharpening Scissors at home

How you can sharpen your own scissors sewing and sewing supplies, such as strawberry and rotary pin
Hi Vicky here. Scissor Sharpening is a subject close to my heart. I’m not the tidiest of people if over the years, I have won a pair of sewing scissors (while the original pair were lost somewhere in the sewing room!). Everyone knows that sewing scissors should be used for the web, but I can not guarantee that my children have not borrowed for the role ….

The end result is opaque three pairs of scissors, perfect for studying how to sharpen your scissors sewing. I tried three different methods to sharpen your scissors sew you into the country. How would each of these methods?

How to sharpen scissors
1. Cut through the sheet:

The double foil layers. I folded aluminum foil, so I had six layers. Cut smoothly through the sheet by ensuring that the entire sheet touch the blade with each cutting. Repeat several times, check the sharpness of scissors and repeat if necessary.

Sharpen scissors cutting paper layers
2. Cut through sandpaper:

Fold your sandpaper in half, rough side so that the cut sides are rough with the blades.

Sharpen scissors cutting sandpaper

3. Cut through the steel wool:

I used one of these to the pan cleaners and cut through it again and again. He was still soft enough to whet, but not actually cause damage and create a lot of very nasty sharp pieces of metal. Be careful if you use something more rough or metal as one of the original Brillo pads from the old style.

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Sharpen scissors with steel wool

The results
I find equally effective, although the steel wool was decidedly dirty compared to other methods. Also, to my surprise the three methods dealing with the weird indentation caused by accidentally cut into the pins.
Sharpening other tools
What about your rotary cutter? Cut through the foil layers (its cutting mat!) Several times. The same principle with sewing scissors – has certainly worked for me and gave me a little extra life to a piece of otherwise boring.

Sharpen your rotary cutter quote through the foil layers

And your pins and needles? This research led me to post Emery pins.

Emery pins, needles and needles

Fill your hand pin cushion made with this powder emery to sharpen your pins as you use them.