How to shave with a safety razor without cutting yourself ?

Learn to Use a Safety Razor and Never Buy Overpriced Blades Again

If you always use expensive shaving machines and every purchase, or worse, you still use disposable products, it’s time to give up and learn to use a safety razor. This video from the art of manhood shows you how.

Certainly, we show you how to use a safety razor before, but this guide is a little easier to follow, and guides you through everything you need from start to finish, from shaving soap to a good razor Shaving and of course, razor blades and the razor itself.

After all, it shaves with a classic safety razor as this not only saves you a lot of money (you never have to buy 8-pack cartridges marked for $ 20 when you can get October 1st to pack razors Shaving safety for $ 5), but it also leads to better shaves, more consistent and more enjoyable. If you feel like shaving it is a task that you should perform using a safety razor as this can make it a little more fun and luxurious.

If you’re more daring, we show you how to use a razor, so you can always go this way too, or if you’re not willing to give up the cartridge shavers, there’s always Dollar Shave Club.

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