Tonight before going to sleep, make sure that these 10 things

Autumn is my favorite season, but not good for my sleep schedule. early darkness and the first sun out of coming later have a way to get my natural body clock. Knowing the feeling? We could all use a good lesson on how to sleep better. Remember the next 10 things to quality Zzz to help you wake up refreshed and ready to dominate your day.

1. Discover your natural sleep rhythm.
Find a few days in a row in which there must be awake for a while and forget to set your alarm. Go to bed at the same time each night and let your awakening body whenever you want. Write when you wake up and notice how you feel. Repeat this exercise until you discover your ideal sleep schedule.

2. Maintain a consistent bedtime ritual.
I know it is not easy if you have children, so their ritual can be as simple or as complex as it should be. Remaining time? Relax with a bubble bath, a good book, hot tea, and incense or candles. Just a short time? Turn off your lights an hour before bedtime. After putting the kids, make a super fast consistent ritual before going under the covers. For example, you can brush and floss, put your clothes for the next day and write down the most important things you have to do tomorrow. Train your brain with a patient attitude throughout your body to sleep easily.

3. Catching some rays during the day.
Melatonin is the hormone in your body that regulates your sleep cycle. Have you ever noticed that your energy in the morning tends to rise when you give your first step into the sunlight? Indeed, melatonin production is influenced by exposure to light. Be sure to catch some rays during the day because chained to your desk (and your body denied access to natural light), you will feel groggy long before the day is over.

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4. Beware of artificial light at night.
More melatonin your body produces more are asleep. Light reduces output and increases darkness. Unfortunately, artificial light found on laptops, computer monitors, television screens, cell phones, etc., are not excluded from this equation. Limit your exposure to all electronic components within an hour of your bedtime. Immerse yourself in a book for a more friendly alternative sleep.

5. Lower the thermostat.
The average person sleeps better at a temperature of 65 degrees. Is it a little hot? Sleeping in your underwear and ditch the cover. A little cool? Wrap in a warm and comfortable thing. Set the temperature of your attire to sleep a good night.

6. Turn off the lights and eliminate noise.
As distractions can ruin your productivity amid a task or a task, you can also spoil the quality of your sleep. If you live in an apartment or a noisy area, buy some of its noise reduction comfort or try going to bed with something relaxing like the sounds of nature, sounds of the beach, or classical music. If there is a bright light in your window hiding, invest in an eye mask.

7. Move your body.
How to sleep better in one word: exercise! Register intense workouts such as weight training, sprints and physical sports during the early days because they can energize your body until late at night (which causes the opposite of the desired effect). yoga gently with conscious breathing, however, would end a perfect evening routine to prepare your body for sleep perfect night.

8. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.
should not be surprising that caffeine is not the best drink to drink later in the day, but did you know that can cause problems sleeping 10-12 hours after consumption? If you have trouble sleeping, it would be wise to cut at noon. Also, while alcohol can give a vicious case of sleepies, the advantage does not last. Alcohol damages the quality of their sleep, causing you to wake up frustrated and stunned before being anywhere near ready to start the day.

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9. Get at least two hours before bedtime.
Foods that are full of fat take a long time to digest in your body, which could make it difficult to fall asleep. Besides, I’m sure you have a glass or two with the dinner and drink too near the bed could wake up with an irresistible urge to pee.

10. Set a bedtime alarm.
There is no clock: wake-bed time! If you are a user of Facebook or Pinterest, you know it’s easy to lose time. Set in a time near fires (I suggest one hour before) and stay on schedule. Make sure you give yourself enough time to turn off your electronic devices, put your kids in bed (if available), make your bedtime routine and do whatever you need to do.