How to Sleep Fast: 7 Tips to Help You Stop Counting Sheep

Do you go to bed, it feels like a nightmare? Do you lie awake all night looking at the ceiling, turning and turning over? You must have done all the obvious things – slurp a cup of hot milk, harvest caffeine late at night, even stomach have recourse to a double dose of Benadryl or melatonin pills rub. And here you are, in the early hours of the morning, always in need of tips and tricks to relax in the dream.

Anshul Jaibharat nutritionist suggests that “pumpkin seeds or cherry juice tart give the required dose of tryptophan and melatonin, including kiwi helps to regulate the biological clock, providing a good quality of sleep.”

So give your box a little chamomile rest and follow our unconventional ways to stop counting the sheep. Do you want to claim the best dream? Step this way please.

1. All about perfume

DO: spritz lavender on your pillow. The perfume soothes your nerves and soothes your mind in just a few minutes.

NO: Brush your teeth before bed. The smell of peppermint warns you, making you feel more awake.

2. Say No

DO: Follow the paradox of sleep. Keep your eyes open and tell you “I will not sleep” can actually have to sleep before you know. This is because the brain accepts either the negative.

NO: drink alcohol before bed. I thought a little wine drinking can help you relax? Think again! Yes, it makes you sleepy, but actually translates into sleep disturbed.

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3. Trick the brain

NE: wear sunglasses. Trick your brain into thinking that your sleep put a pair of shades into the night.

NO: read an exciting novel. Books or Boring magazines are better in place, they help the brain to sleep faster.
4. Activated relaxation mode

DO: eyes rolling in the back of the head to relax the eye muscles and trigger melatonin naturally.

NO: exercise within 3 hours before bedtime. The adrenaline will keep you awake.

5. Arrive early in bed

DO: Keep a sleep log. Ventilation in the paper before going to bed helps really unclutter your mind instead of dwelling on the activities of the day or worry about the workload in the morning.

NO: go to bed hungry, otherwise you’ll think of this big bag of chips sitting in your kitchen cabinet overnight.

6. Lights on

NE: Place your pillow under your neck to squeeze against the carotid artery, reducing blood flow to your brain and helping you fall asleep faster sleep.

NO: use the electronics 90 minutes before bedtime. Disconnect and disconnect all devices completely. Try blocking the light of your alarm clock too, since the circadian clock light alerts the body.

7. On the account

DO: curl the toes for a number of 7, then relax. Repeat for a few minutes and reap the benefits.

NO: go to bed until you feel sleepy. As soon as you begin to feel tense, go into another room until you feel sleepy again. This helps to condition your brain to bed associated with sleep and nothing else.

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