How to be Smarter Everytime

When we are young, life just happens without us having much to say about it. Then pass the ball to our parents for us. From that moment, our own decisions and circumstances dominate our lives. These two factors are largely responsible for the shape of things to us. And the two are closely linked.

Often it is seen how successful people make their own luck, but really is just another way of saying that they make smart decisions about risk taking and to create or exploit opportunities. So success in business – and in life, I would say – is essentially a function to make intelligent decisions.

Since every decision you make is based entirely on their own thoughts and feelings-how your brain processes experiences, events and information from a variety of sources to draw conclusions – it’s actually not so difficult to determine how to make smarter decisions. Here’s how.

Being in the present moment.
The first time you tell the story of how the father of a former girlfriend took me in his Porsche to visit his startup company, where I learned about the next wave of digital electronics (which was in the late 70s, would care ) I remember thinking, if I did not pay attention to the man?

It was from about seven or eight similar random critical events that changed my life. And if I had not been busy at the moment it just passed me. I have not even known I missed. And where would I be today? It is a sobering thought.

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Trust your instincts.
Using the same example, and if this unique event has not resonated with me as you do? What if I had not jumped on it without hesitation and seize the opportunity? I would never have gone back to graduate school, obtained in the high-tech industry, and had an impressive career spanning over 20 years.

As for the decision, to hear what they say intelligent and knowledgeable people, but in the end, you need to make the right decision. If you learn to trust your instincts, they will not hesitate when what you heard is correct. And when you look, you know that’s not fair.

Think critically.
The more you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by information, communications disrupted, and bombarded by distractions, the less time and attention you have left to focus on what really matters and challenge the accuracy, effectiveness and applicability of what you learn and experience.

Let me put it another way. By choosing the amount of information, communication and quality goods, deep understanding of logical reasoning for the next shiny object, inspiring message, or other sense of wellness that attracts your attention it is sacrificed steady decline.

You will not believe how stupid does. No logical constructs such as deductive reasoning and the scientific method, our company had never progressed. There would be no technology. We’d all be stuck back in the Middle Ages. Stop and think about this for a minute … without checking your phone.

Keep fit.
Every time I see popular sense and unfounded about a miracle diet pill, vitamin or nutritional supplement that is supposed to do magical things like make slimmer and smarter, drives me crazy. None of these things work, people. All of them are scams – moneymakers courtesy of our culture of quick fix.

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Look, your brain is part of your body, right? Think. Just eat a good variety of fairly healthy things, not eating too much, get out and exercise once or twice a week, and you’ll be fine. If you keep your body in good enough shape, you know what? Your mind will come along for the ride and maintain its plasticity as they age.