How to be smarter in School and at Work ?

Top 10 Ways to Make Yourself Look (and Be) Smarter

If you are trying to survive an intensive college program or just wants to look smart in front of your friends, you can do a lot of things to see and be smarter. Here are ten simple tips to increase your actual brain power (and perceived).

10. Read faster and better

Obviously, one of the best ways to boost your intelligence is to read more! You can read faster (and therefore consume more knowledge) to get their speech mechanisms out of the equation. So give your mouth something to do, like eating, humming, or chewing gum to go through these things quickly. Then take some time to absorb and reflect on what you are reading to save the memory. Whether it is war and peace or just random Wikipedia button, you will be surprised how much more you learn when you read not only fast but well. Picture Zitona.

9. Talk (and do it with the phrase)
The more you can contribute to a conversation, a smarter meeting or another speech, move on. Even if it means admitting ignorance or asking questions, you always look better than if you remain silent and could actually learn something in the process. Expressive speech is the key: You can increase your credibility much more simply by taking care to speak with an attractive tone. Change your tone and volume as needed, and try to minimize the number of breaks during the conversation. A little confidence goes a long way. Photo MagneticNorth.

8. Do not fall BS prey
When someone tries to convince you of something, often they can use sophisms, appeals to your emotions, and “other” solutions. Learn the most common forms of BS so that you can detect them as soon as they happen. Knowing what they are, you will also be able to avoid singing the same sophisms yourself, which can be a great success for your credibility if someone catches you. Remixed image Evan Vucci (AP) and Mons. Pablo Martinez (AP).

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7. Focus on what you know
When they are involved in a dispute with your friends, you are bound to run into a few holes in your acquaintances. It is normal to admit that you do not know something, but if you feel particularly conscious and want to maintain the appearance of intelligence, the key is to focus on what you know. If you are in a discussion, not stressing disagree as much as agreeing this way, they do not differ from the things you know. You focus on the parts you know while participating in the discussion. Photo remixed from originals by auremar and artenot (Shutterstock).

6. exercise
A healthy body means a healthy brain. Therefore, in the midst of reading and mind-extension, make sure that you lead a healthy physical life, too. This means that the right to eat and exercise regularly. A number of studies. They showed links between regular physical activity and intellectual capacity, productivity and creativity. Spend all day at the gym make you smarter? No, but sitting all day will not only kill, but prevents your brain is at its best.


5. Talk to Yourself
While muttering has observed behavior often a madman, a recent study showed that talking aloud to you can help you give a temporary cognitive boost when you try to find something. The theory behind: When giving verbal labels to a task to be performed, it is best to focus on the task in question at any given time. So when you feel the need to open your mouth, do not fight the urge, it could help to make things faster. Photo by atomicjeep.

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4. Learning a second language
People who know a second or third language are so smart often perceived by others, but research shows that you can whos do smarter, too. If you know a second language, you are able to adapt and move between certain mental tasks better than the ones you do not know, so if you want to give your brain the real boost, learning a new language is the real way ( And useful!) To do it. It is not difficult to do whos, ie: all you need is this simple four step method to learn in a few months.

3. Making things difficult
Technology has made our life easier really (after all, that’s what Lifehacker has to do with), but sometimes it’s worth doing things the hard way. Take GPS navigation, for example: it is very good that you ‘may never miss out on the essentials, but if you overconfidence, you will never learn your way. Instead, wean your dependency on GPS and whos learn to Driving around the city, developing a sense of direction, and learning to navigate with your brain. Doing things the hard way can help keep the brain alert, do not be afraid to give up what is easy from time to time. By Ramunas Geciauskas.

2. Know what will not make you more elegant
There is a lot of ongoing research work that makes us much smarter than we have mentioned here, but it is important to know what beyond simple will not make you smarter. Visit our list of nine attached brain myths that are not going to die to see some examples, such as “We very foolish internet” (it is not, if used correctly), “listen to the classical music brands kids are smarter” (Unlikely), or “mental games are smarter” (do not waste your time). The less time you spend in stupid myths, the longer you can spend whos expanding your brain to get out of your system now these. Photo by Igor Nazarenko (Shutterstock).

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1. Just think you can be more elegant
The last step? He just thinks he can be smarter. Studies have shown that belief can whos this simply make it true. This does not mean that you should be pompous: you should assume that you are not great however that you were opened to let you learn new things and to ask new questions and exact things can make you smarter than. But this will not happen if you believe your intelligence is somehow fixed, so the eleven This prey is gone, you will find that you are much freer, you will be able to follow the level of intelligence you want. If you have trouble performing this, it may be time to re-calibrate your reality, attitude is everything. Image title remixed Alberto Zornetta (Shutterstock) and Petr84 (Shutterstock).