How to Soften Frozen butter Quickly ?

Softening Frozen Button Easily

We’ve all seen the term “butter softened” in recipes, but what we want and why exactly do we do?

You’ll find soft butter in recipes using the creaming method, usually for biscuits, cakes, and muffins. pie crusts, cookies, muffins and usually call for cold butter. Creaming is the mixture of butter and sugar to create air pockets. These bags are what helps the yeast work and shed light and airy baked goods.

This is what seems to softened butter. It should still be cold to the touch, but when you use a little pressure is pressed, the finger will leave a footprint.

This butter is softened too. A tight finger with no pressure will leave a mark, almost sinking into the butter. Not only that, but the butter is soft everywhere. Air bubbles in the butter are too soft or melted collapse, and we want these air bubbles.

This, no doubt, the butter is melted. Is it me, or is this butter dish we smile? Again, this leaves us with air bubbles collapsed.

Note: You can cream cold butter. You’ll need a drummer and a couple of minutes. You also need to stand on the mixer with hands on the bits form container of butter can go flying in your kitchen. Do not ask how I know.

Ideally, the butter should be left on the table for 30 minutes or at room temperature. I like to take my butter from the refrigerator and pick up all my other ingredients, the line my baking pans, throw a load of laundry, check Instagram, etc.
A microwave oven can be used, but be careful. For the half stick of butter, from 20 seconds to 10% of electricity. Check from there and turn butter, if more time is needed. We bought a new microwave this year and has a fancy-schmancy button soften / melt. I use it, but do not trust him yet. I always take the butter until the alarm sounds.

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To speed along softening butter on the counter, cut butter into pieces. Another way to speed up the process is to place the butter between two sheets of wax paper and roll with a rolling pin.

Once the butter is softened, you are ready for the cream with the sugar. Start on low speed, then increase to medium-low (around 3 or 4 in a stand mixer). Beat butter for 2-3 minutes using the paddle attachment.

This is the mixture after one minute. I still see a few pieces of butter and the mixture is heavy and gloppy. (Gloppy’s a technical term).

After 3 minutes, the mixture is soft and lighter in color. The butter is completely incorporated with the sugar.

I could talk butter throughout the day. Let’s do it again! Share your methods to soften the butter in the comments.