Complete Beginner Guide To Perfect squats

Squats are one of the most beneficial exercises the whole body there. If you’ve never done before a squat or never achieved the results I wanted, we will show the successes and mistakes of how to do squats and enjoy its many benefits.

The benefits of doing situps
Whether you are looking for a total body workout or simply to gain some strength and muscle, he squats are the last fiscal year. When muscles are under a lot of stress, releasing hormone, testosterone, which is vital for muscle growth. Squats for our thigh muscles, which are the largest and strongest in the body, are also more stressed, allowing the testosterone to circulate widely and contribute to a full body exercise. Squats are also a great exercise to help maintain balance and joints. Controlled helps strengthen the lower body movement, including ankles, knees, ligaments and tendons, leaving less prone to injury.

bodyweight squat

Plantar that the width slightly wider shoulders hand with your weight on your heels and toes feet. Keep your knees over ankles and hips over your knees.
Take any unnecessary pressure on your back, keeping your spine in a neutral position throughout the movement.
Place your arms in front of you so that they are parallel to the floor with the palms down.
Inhale and slowly unlock the hips and return as taking bend knees.
Find a spot in front of you to focus and keep your head and shoulders back.
As deepens squat, focus on keeping your knees and feet on the line and go as deep as your body allows. We aim to make your hips sink below their knees.
Keep your body tight and jeopardize your heart as you push through the heels.

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Single Leg Squat

Start in the same position as the weight of the squat body with firmly planted a little more than shoulder width feet.
Lift one leg and knee bend slightly so that your foot is on the ground. If you need extra stability, you can keep it off the cuff either in front or behind you.
Go down as far as possible, using only the leg that is still on the ground, trying not to let his other foot touches the ground.
Back in the upright position without putting your foot on the floor between repetitions. Use a chair or wall for stability if necessary.

eagle squatting

Start with your feet together and hands on the sides T.
Raise your right leg over the left and right foot wrap the back of the left calf.
Bring your right elbow below your left and wrap your right hand around his left forearm so that your palms touch.
Get your balance and squat as low as your body allows and standing without falling.

Please Sumo Squat

Plant your feet with your legs wider than shoulders and toes pointed slightly outward.
Keep your hips pushed back and bend your knees. Squat until thighs are in line with your knees.
Back in the upright position, or make several short pulses when you reach the bottom for additional training.

common mistakes

Bad form when doing squats not only squandering the benefits of exercise for your body, but also can cause undue stress and injury to the knee and back. Here are some tips on how to do squats safely and effectively for best results.

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They fall on their knees past your toes

This is an easy mistake for a beginner to do, because it’s all about muscle memory. When the knee beyond the toes more stress is placed on the joints and let them be vulnerable to injury and fatigue. Try to keep your knees in line with your toes, do not extend more than a few centimeters forward.

The back and shoulders are too relaxed

Arching your back is a common mistake for beginners. When your back is straight and the spine is neutral, it is easier to maintain control and get the most out of your workout. If you find that your back is too relaxed pull the shoulder blades down and together to engage your heart.

It is not enough deep squatting

Many people believe that squat too deep can cause knee injuries. In fact, it makes for a better workout for glutes and may even strengthen the knees. Try to crouch as low as possible in order to have the top of his right leg below the knee.

Squats only once a week

It’s easy to get frustrated when they do not see results immediately, but the key is perseverance squats. Squats are very effective in muscle conditioning and must be used frequently throughout the sculpture will take place. Try to squat at least two or three times a week using different variations to work different muscle groups.