Here are some tips on how to make your business comes to life:

1. Make a personal inventory.
Not everyone has what it takes to start a business. This does not mean that your idea is not bright. This simply means that you can not have the character traits to manage the implementation of a business.

Before investing time and resources, evaluate yourself and see if you have some typical characteristics of an entrepreneur. He is motivated, able to adapt and trusted? Are you flexible?

2. Develop an idea.
Do not start a business because something is trendy and believes the market will make money. Develop a business concept that you are passionate about something related that you have experience with. From there, get to a product or service that you think you can improve the lives of people.

3. Testing Plausibility.
Once you’ve settled on an idea of ??how you can make it a reality. The product or service is something that people want or need? Can you make a profit selling it? How the product works?
4. Write a business plan.
A solid business plan will guide you in the future. You also need to present your idea to potential investors. Your business plan should include a mission statement, a summary of the company, a summary, an offer of service or product, a description of a target market, financial projections and cost of operation. More information about how to write a business plan for

5. Identify your market.
Even if you have spotted an interest in your business, you need to do more homework. Assess the market, aimed at the most likely to make a purchase customers. Conduct an assessment of competence.

6. Determine the costs.
Do more research and find the cost factors in this industry. This not only helps you manage your business more effectively, investors will want to know.

7. Set a budget.
Once you determine how much money you have to work, the amount needed to develop your product or service and create a marketing plan.

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8. Finding the right investors.
You will need some kind of background to start, if your savings, credit cards, loans, grants or venture capital. Find an investor who shares his passion, someone I think you can work with them.

9. Listen to investors.
You like, investors have a say in your business. And you have to listen to their advice or suggestions. But that does not mean you have to do what they tell you.

10. Develop a support system.
You will invest a lot of time and resources in your new business. Make sure your family is on board. They should be aware that this process will be financial difficult and emotionally.

11. Determine the legal structure.
Settling in the form of ownership is best for you: a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, corporation, an S corporation, a non-profit or cooperative organization. For more information
12. Select a business name.
Decide on a name that best suits your business. Then check if the domain name is available online, and if it is free to use in your county, state and country.

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13. register your business name.
If the proposed name is available, register with the county clerk, has a mark at the state and federal level and get a domain name.

14. Take advantage of free resources.
Many free resources can offer advice, training and assistance. is a great place to look to find local resources.

15. The determination of tax obligations.
Now is the time to talk about tax obligations. income, self-employment taxes for employees and excise duties: In the US, four types of corporate taxes are raised.

16. secure permits and licenses.
According to Nolo, you have to choose a federal identification number of the job (unless the business is a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company with no employees.) To obtain state authorization. Obtain a registration certificate from local taxes. Present local permits, where appropriate, as a conditional use permit or zoning variance.

17. Buying insurance.
Ensure that arrangements for proper insurance for your business. This varies depending on the type of business. If you work at home make sure your homeowner’s insurance covers theft or damage to company property and liability for damages related to the company.

18. Establish books.
Determine if you are using a POS system or exercise, determine the fiscal year of the company and establish a filing system.

19. Choose a place of business.
Choose a location that best suits the needs of your business, which offers an opportunity for growth, the level of competition and proximity to suppliers. It should also be accessible to customers.
20. Do not worry desktop.
If not income, then do not bother with an office or warehouse UST yet.

21. A patent can expect.
Patents can cost thousands of dollars. Wait follow this path until you have a few clients who pay the bills. A patent is less useful if you can not apply or money to carry it out.

22. Be flexible.
There are chances that your original idea, will have to be changed. Being able to rotate and adjust to create what customers want to determine whether your business will fail or succeed.

23. Share your ideas with family and friends.
Your loved ones will most likely be as honest with you about your business. Do not hesitate to ask for their advice and suggestions.

24. Ignoring opponents.
At the same time, there is a difference between constructive criticism and quick hit someone projecting your business will fail. Follow the example of French Internet tycoon Xavier Niel and ignore them.
25. Do not be angry.
If your idea is rejected by customers or investors, not to succumb to anger. Find out what they did not like, make adjustments and get back to them when changes have been made. There is a possibility that the weather was bad too.

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26. Give the command product or service.
Your business is a work in progress and if your product or service launches quickly, you will be able to build a customer community that can provide valuable information that can help improve performance. In the words of the founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman, “If not you ashamed of its first product, he released a version too late

27. offer new products or services.
If you already have customers, be sure to keep providing new products or services.

28. Be patient.
Always keep in mind that success will not happen overnight. That will take a while to make a profit.

29. Overdeliver at first.
Once you land a new customer, make sure you go beyond the call of duty for at least the first month. You have to engage the customer from there.

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30. Blog all the time.
Do not be ashamed to share his two triumphs and struggles. Customers will appreciate your honesty.

31. Avoid fighting with partners
If you have disagreements with partners, then cut as soon as possible link. In house will prevent disputes focuses on business growth.

32. Do not worry about dilution.
Therefore, an investor needs a stake in the company. Recognize that, ultimately, at one time or another, you have to give up some control of the company. Accept it and move on.

33. hire a copywriter.
Unless you are a good writer, hire a copywriter to compose emails for highly targeted customers. An editor will also be helpful for press releases and other items to spread awareness of the brand or the business day.
34. Preparation for meetings.
When preparing for a meeting with a client, read about everything that is available, imbibe industry information, the employees of this company and its competitors.

35. Do not fear competition.
Do not denigrate the competition when talking to investors or clients. No need to become an object of pity. In fact, talk that way you can even advise customers of a competitor who can offer a product or service that does not. Remember, when there is competition, there is a market for your business. Use this knowledge as a source of inspiration to overcome an opponent.

36. Enjoy mouth-to-mouth.
Nothing better than a good word-of-mouth marketing age. Tell your friends, family members and influential in their field to spread the word about your product or service people.
Red 37 ..
Do not be afraid to go out and show your face in public, whether at a conference or just being away from home with a friend on a Friday night. But try to stay home due to travel can lower your budget.

38. Providing exceptional customer service.
Interacting with people is a big part of the job. Your company can gain new customers because it made them feel important. For example, Zappos was not the first online store to sell shoes, but the company has improved its customer service department and won more customers.

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39. Make sure your website functions.
Potential customers want to know as much about your business as possible and should be able to quickly access this information on its website.

40. Do not be too worried about the economy.
Some of the best companies launched during a recession. In fact, half of the Fortune 500 companies listed in 2009 was founded during these periods, according to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

41. Ensure that customers pay their bills.
Always be sure to receive payment for their products or services. Instead of being exploited, a deadline for payment is established. Nor would only accept credit cards and have an online payment system in place.
42. Finding the right employees.
Hire the right people for the job. Even if it is your business, you will not be qualified for the job, so professional staff to complete the work required.

43. Assign responsibilities.
Eelegate employees achievable tasks. This is all about effective management.

44. Knowing that honesty is the best policy.
If problems arise with employees, make sure they are taken into account. Nobody likes to talk back.

45. Remember that opposites attract.
Hire people with skills and personalities that are the opposite of yours. They are challenged in question and provide skills and talents in business does not.
46. ??Say goodbye to your social life.
You will spend a lot of time invested in the business. Even if you are planning a night, you can leave early because of a light bulb just went. Hopefully the closest people in your life understand.

47. Recognize that you are the last person to pay.
As CEO, you are the last to pick up a check. Here’s how it works until you have enough income.

48. Arrival in a useful definition of success.
The fact that his business did not become a millionaire (yet) does not mean that your business is a failure. If you are able to make some kind of benefit that is something you are passionate about, is not it a success story?

49. know when it is time to move on.
Failure is inevitable. If things do not work and they have done everything you can, then put aside his pride and close the shop. Something like this is not easy to accept. But it’s the best.

50. Do not rely only on the advice of others.
Despite my offer these tips for you, perhaps the most important tip piece is something learned the hard way: While many people may offer a assiistance start, recognizes that, in the end, you are the person running the program and responsible for the success and business failure. If you understand what worked and what did not, that burnished the skills and knowledge to manage your business.