Starting a Cleaning Business

The cleaning industry has two main groups: consumers and the commercial market. Consumers sand consists mainly of residential cleaning services and carpet cleaners, window cleaners and a variety of other cleaning services needed on a less frequent basis. The commercial area is dominated by the concierge, who generally provide a wider range of services cleaning services, and other carpet cleaning companies, such as glass cleaners and target businesses rather than individual consumers . Although it is recommended that you decide on a niche and focus on building a company that will serve your chosen market, it is quite unrealistic to expect to be able to service many markets success.

Before jumping into the cleaning business, it is important to note that with 20/20 vision. While technology has certainly had an impact on cleaning, it’s not a high-tech company. There is also no shine to it. And there will be times when you have as many problems as Rodney Dangerfield get respect.

But the advantage is that you can build a very profitable business that will generate revenue very quickly. Most cleaning companies can work well on a part time or full time, either from home or commercial premises. This flexibility gives this industry a strong appeal to a wide range of people with a variety of objectives.

Another positive aspect of the industry is that in each category of cleaning companies are market niches and running styles that vary greatly. Owner cleaning service Salt Lake City Michael R. said, “We offer a wide range of services to a limited clientele have perfected our customer base to a group that we believe that we can best serve in a way that allows us to keep those customers. permanently. ”

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This means you can build a business that fits your style and talent. If you like doing the work yourself, you can stay small and do it. If your skills are more administrative in nature, you can create and manage teams to do the job. For people who like to work out, the opportunities in the areas of services such as window cleaning and pressure washing are many. residential cleaning services offer fairly predictable hours; catering and cleaning can mean disaster calls at all hours of the day or night.

Few industries offer this wide range of options and possibilities, and it is expected that the need for a general cleaning and the niche to increase in the future.

Do you have what it takes?
The qualifications depend, of course, the type of cleaning you decide to start. But for any type of service, a determination is needed to run the business, a willingness to satisfy the customer and dedication to providing a work deep cleaning.

Another essential requirement for the owner and employees of any type of cleaning service is honesty. “Customers need to have confidence in the people who come to clean their homes,” said Fenna O, who owns a cleaning service in Orlando, Florida. This is important if you are cleaning carpets toilet every week or twice year – or dusting and vacuuming an office in the night.

A cleaning service business is probably the simplest in terms of cleaning required skills. cleaning services, carpet cleaning companies and other niche cleaning operations often require the use of special equipment and / or cleaning solutions must be trained.

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Beyond actually be able to do the work, housekeeping operator needs a few basic business skills. You must understand the administrative requirements of running a business, you should be able to effectively manage your time, and should be able to build relationships with employees and customers.

Franchise or independent operation?
Franchises working closely with you as you start your business and take it to where it works well and profitability is an advantage, especially at first. However, it is possible that once established and financially secure, a franchise agreement is a distinct disadvantage.

For people who want to have their own business, but rather choose an opportunity that has proven itself for many others instead of gambling on the development of its own system, a franchise is the way to go. Moreover, most franchises offer a degree of marketing support – particularly in the field of national advertising and name recognition – it is extremely difficult to match individuals.

In the long term, it is likely to invest much less money than operate as a separate unit and not part of a franchise. Additionally, as an independent, you are not tied to pre-established formulas for the concept, name, services offered, etc. This is an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is that you can do things your way. The downside is that no guidelines to follow. Everything you do, the market definition to clean a bathtub, is the result of trial and error. As an independent owner, you need to investigate all aspects of the business, both before and during the life of your business, then will begin to right and adapt to market changes.

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