How to Start a Fire without Matches or lighter at Home

Starting Fire Without Match Box

Build a fire is one of those things that you can be a kind of knowledge, but does not have to do it often. Build a fire is very simple, if there is a fire or comfortable in your living room. Here’s how.

What you must:

A safe place to build your fire. If you are outdoors, which means a home away from trees and shrubs. Inside, meaning a fireplace with a good screen, a screen that prevents sparks from flying out, and a line of work that can be opened to let out the smoke.
Parts. Obviously, you need these to light the fire. Of course, you do not need matches starter-fire will do. The games are usually the most convenient.
Tinder. This is what we use to light the fire. Outside, it means small dry twigs and branches, while inside the paper works well.
Wicks. This is wood that is slightly larger than the small timber, usually a little less than an inch in diameter. This will easily burn and get your fire going, the construction of a carbon layer in the largest wood. Make sure it is dry.
Trunks. You know what they look like. Usually a couple of inches in diameter, it is the wood that will be part of his burning the past, which will build the right size and keep it burning for a while. Again, you want to make sure it is dry before use.
Water. You heard Smokey Bear said a million times, I will not bore you but make sure you have some water handy to extinguish the fire when finished. Only you can prevent forest fires.
Note that lighter fluid is nowhere on the list. The view was lowered by many as dangerous, and frankly, just do not need. At best, you will have some strange taste marshmallows, and at worst could burn his house. All you need for this is a bit of good old wood, and if done well, will be a strong fire going in no time.

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Construction of an outdoor fireplace

If you build an outdoor fire, to be a little smarter than if you had the comforts of home. This means you have to find wood, firewood and tinder, and you need to build a small fire pit if you do not already have one. Also, since you do not have a grill, you need to put some more work in the structuring of the fire. Watch the video above to see it in action Howcast, or continue with the following steps.

Make sure it is away from trees, shrubs, or anything that burns. You do not want to be from forest fires. Also, if you’re on a camping, recheck that fires are allowed in the area.
Build a small home. To protect the wood disintegrates in the area where you sit, dig a small hole and surround it with rocks. If your site already has a home (or you’ve built a backyard of yourself), you can obviously skip this step.
Put some tinder in the center of your home. Remember, tinder are sticks, twigs, leaves and use for your fire will be easier for burns, the better.
Your woodpile at the top of the tinder in a structure “teepee”. Be sure to leave an opening in the side illuminate. In general, you want more wood on the side of the wind direction so that you can protect people from this side of the fire.
At this point, you have a structure ready to shoot. You can build it as big as you want (be careful!), And the structure does not matter so much. Some people like to build large teepees with their great trunks, while others like to build a square structure around his small shop of Indians. In general, the square structure “Mazet” it is better to let out the heat, but a tipi is easier to do in a big bonfire.
Light your fire. Take their matches and light the tinder. It helps to light in a few different places to get it burn faster. Note that you may need to add more tinder wood takes a while to catch fire. As the fire burns, you can gradually greater always adding more sticks.
Here! You must have a campfire at any time, and if you remember to save some of these sticks, you can get your “grilling in Mallow. Make sure to burn completely when finished!

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Building a fire within

Once winter arrives and begins the construction of fire inside, you need to change a bit technical. Suppose you already have all their wood, but also to face the fireplace, make sure you have a quality grill, and a fire extinguisher nearby (you know, just in case). Watch the video on the left of Monkeysee and follow the instructions below.

Before doing anything, open burning and make sure it works properly. Usually it will be able to feel the cool air from the outside if it is open. The last thing you need is a house full of smoke!
Take your journal and crumble a few pieces up, thrown into the back of the fireplace. These will act as our tinder, starting with our easy to shoot with the surface of the light.
Stacking your firewood slightly above the newspaper. Make sure to leave enough room there for oxygen to circulate, like the fire that burns. too rigid structure is not necessary here because you have the grill and keep the screen to fire a whole.
Light your fire. Again, you want to light the tinder (paper, in this case) in a few different places to get burns quickly. Its wood burns easily. You can add some more wood once you start to create a good carbon bed.
Once you have a small fire lit you can start adding larger logs. Usually you can just drop them on the long grid, then stack one or two on top diagonally. Remember: you want to leave enough room for oxygen to flow so everything is extremely flammable.
Here! You should have a warm, crackling fire in no time. You can always add more drives if you want to keep it longer, too. Make sure you put this screen to protect your home against sparks you do not want your fire rug.

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Of course, each has its own methods for building fires, and there is no way to do it. If you have your own favorite methods or tricks for both fires inside or outside, be sure to share them with us in the comments.