How to start getting Fit and Healthy at Home?

Guide for Staying Fit and Healthy

Even if you’re a busy guy, you can remove fat, improve your health and get into the best shape of your life.
All you need is a simplified exercise plan, a progressive series of eating habits, and competent coach to help guide the process.

“Man, I want to train as before.”
That’s what he told me a high school boy the last time we got to the school day.
“With children, my growing business, and all the other things that I go … I do not know … just no time to get in shape.”

My friend had gained about 30 pounds since high school and was certainly not the right type. All fat and not muscle ounce.
Your cholesterol and blood pressure, he said, had soared. And he complained of feeling lethargic and sometimes even a little depressed.

“I really want to do something,” he said, clutching his stomach, “and I want to feel good again. But where will I find the time to exercise as you did in your day? ”
As I sat there, I could not help but feel for the guy.
He is a great person with a great wife, two young children, growing a business council, and two elderly parents who help care. Therefore, I pretended to see him feel trapped and struggling.

But here’s the thing: it does not feel that way.
kids busy everywhere are still able to manage a hectic life, in addition to managing their health and fitness.
I know because I am one of them.
I am married with two young children, manage a growing business, and many other things competing for my attention on a daily basis. However, I still managed to make health and fitness a priority.

Here’s more: Our team helps thousands of other children busy, high-stress get in shape and to monitor their health every day.
And, if you are interested in looking and feeling good again, we can help you too.
Friend, if you think about it all wrong
Back to my friend for a minute, here’s the first advice I gave you – and is advice I give to guys everywhere: get rid of the idea that what we did in high school is the best way to get in shape.
In fact, what we did at the time was pretty stupid. Weight training for an hour or two? Every day except Sunday? What a waste of time and energy.
But I guess I had a lot of time and energy to lose then. Oh, how times have changed!
Of course, had we knew better, or adequate training, we could have our shit together. But we do not have it. We spent too much time in the gym, doing the wrong thing, in a way that was not sustainable.

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Yes, we were in shape. But we were young, had great metabolisms, and succeeded despite our program. No, thank you to him.
In fact, persistent aches and pains complain today – pain in the knees, shoulders, elbows vague thing – are likely related to our silent preparatory training.
(And speaking of injuries, if you have one and that what keeps you from getting fit, read this : How to get in great shape, even after an injury)
As I said to my friend:
“Here’s the good news: you do not have to train like we did in high school to get into shape, In fact, do not even want to have another in mind going to work better something, takes much less time, and slips .. in his life, as he is now. ”
First: Choose a less simple workout plan, time

Instead of 6 weightlifting workouts per week, each taken directly from the pages of Men’s Health magazine, we started with a completely different approach.
Each week, we did the following:

  • 2 x 30 minutes of resistance exercise sessions – mostly bodyweight exercises
  • 2 x 15-minute intervals workouts – on a treadmill or outside on a short
  • 1 x 60-minute walk – outside family

So, instead of 9 hours of exercise per week – more time to travel and from the gym – they would do less than 3 hours per week. And most of it could be done at home if he wished.
In addition, it has to do everything on your own schedule, adjust the days and hours of training so they can fit into his schedule time demanding and constantly change.
Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. (After all, he trusted the advice I gave to a good friend of over 20 years).

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This type of “minimalism year” works fine when it is designed by a competent coach. In fact, the formation of the precision of nutrition is based on this approach. That’s why even the most active children can achieve fantastic results in the program.
Next: Get better nutrition tips
Yes, exercise is important. But for the kids busy, high-stress who want to lose weight or get fit, nutrition is where it is. Therefore also recommended some nutrition tips.
Again, I said to forget what we did “back in the day.” Filled with whole milk, protein shakes chicken breasts and cooked steamed broccoli was fine when we were younger. But now their goals are different.

In addition, he has a family to consider. Forcing his wife and children to swallow “fitness food” – or to make special meals just for him – will do more harm than good.
So we started with eating habits, as we do in the PN training.
To simplify things, for the first two weeks of your new exercise program, it added 1 g of body fat percent fish oil (taken 25 g per day) and a multivitamin. Yes, this was it. For the first two weeks.

After this a new habit of nutrition every two weeks was introduced. Some habits have to do with the way I ate, some with what I ate, how much he ate some with and some of them when he ate.
But all have been progressively designed – each building custom in the past.
The key: do not change too much at once.
By changing just a little time, the changes are felt small. Almost too small. But at the end of the year, their food was completely different.
Finally: Think less, do more

For people with a lot of responsibility and stress – – that’s exactly as it should.
When you’re 19 years old, you can have time to read, investigate and obtain all kinds of plans for exercise and nutrition crazy. (Although a good coach does better).
But at 40, aims to be a good partner, doing his best as a parent, giving their all at work, home maintenance, and ensure that your bills paid … well, there goes your there time and mental energy.
Do you really need more shit to find out? Probably not.
Therefore it is better when it comes to fitness, to find someone who can do the thinking and planning for you. Which can make it easier and allow you to focus on only one thing to do.

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According to our most successful customers PN, which is precisely what makes the difference.
Based on our training process, and just do as we have said, they were able to get into the best shape of your life without stress and agonizing over every step.
Dude, there’s still hope for you
In the end, this is the message I wanted to convey to my friend:
“Even if you’re a busy guy, you can remove the fat, improve your health and get into the best shape of your life. All you need is a simplified exercise plan, a progressive series of eating habits and a competent coach to help guide the process. ”
If you are like my friend and your busy life let stand in the way of your health and fitness, we are there for you.

Every day through our training program, we help children prioritize their own health and fitness.
But if you choose PN or no training, I encourage you to do something – anything – as soon as possible.
Before you know, 30 pounds can easily become 50 pounds. high blood sugar can easily become type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol can easily become a cardiovascular disease.
So the question is not “Do I have time to get in shape?” It is “Do I have time to do it?”
The next step: Basics
If you want some direction and tips for getting started, we will be happy to help.
In fact, sometimes to take a group of new customers looking for the same, as a part of Precision Nutrition Coaching.

We accept a very small number of new customers every 6 months, and the scene in the usually sold within hours program. However, those who are motivated enough to get the pre-sales list get to register 24 hours before everyone. Additionally, you receive a discount on registration.
So put your name on the list below – because, as always, points first come, first served, and when they left, they left.