How to start a Journal about Yourself

Starting Journal Instantly

We have already talked about the power of journaling. Leaving aside some time spent meditating and writing about his life and work, it can not only help you keep track of your daily and keep track of the things you want to remember, but it can actually help deal with difficult situations, think ahead, dig new ideas, and more.

But one thing is wanting to start a day, and another to actually do it. We are busy people, after all. Yet already in our dishes, how can we take the time to sit down and write every day?

The first step is redefining what “daily” is. Many people have the idea that you must effectively everyday sit and write pages and pages of poetic language of feelings. But in reality, the paper only means putting aside a quiet place, without distraction to rest and think about your lifetime. It may simply be writing a record of what you did that day; broadcast on one thing you can not lose your mind; He is pointing out something that was inspired. There are days that can be pages and pages, and some can only be a few words. Provided that you are taking a moment to stop and reflect on how things go.

The next step is to find a habit that works for you. Here are eight ways to get yourself every day. They do not work for everyone but try different tactics until you find the one that sticks.

1. do before getting out of bed

Many people try the magazine at the end of his days as a reminder, but the truth is, once you really start the day, the day is likely to be thrown in the gutter. Instead, try to grab your laptop as soon as the alarm is activated and writing for a few minutes before your feet even touch the ground. This way you know you’re going to do, and the first thing the morning activity can help your brain to wake up. In addition, you are more creative when you’re tired, so that ideas can come through her writing, she never would have another time of day.

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2. Use an application

While many people recommend daily in a physical book to give the brain a break from the screens if you are struggling to maintain the practice, why not try to use an application that you can whip when you have time extra in the day (as your daily commute)? iMore is a summary of some of the best, from options that allow you to include images and videos that give instructions for you to go.

3. Do not use complete sentences

Many people think that their lives need to be well thought out, even poetic writing. Not true at all! Feel free to have your newspaper as disjointed as you like. In fact, Leo Babauta of ZenHabits said only wrote his diary in bullet points; only three to six days. By doing this easy, he said, it is much cheaper to keep.

4. Write on a calendar

Instead of getting a laptop in the newspaper, get a (big) book or calendar desktop date and then just accept the challenge to write a sentence or two each day, that day. This is good for two reasons: first, this small amount of writing one day feels totally feasible. But then, the fact of writing it on a calendar, it is very obvious when you lost a day and very motivating to keep the chain when the habit has been maintained for a while.

5. Make a template

Sometimes the hardest part of keeping a journal is looking at a blank page and not knowing what to write. So instead of starting from scratch, create a model that continues every day. Maybe by writing three things you are grateful for each day, or every day become a question like “What can I do to make tomorrow better than today?” If it is useful, you can create “leaves “to print on paper that has expanded the activities he himself has promised to do, there are many of them already on the web that can be used as a source of inspiration or print use As he is.

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One of my favorites is the worksheet “gaining ground” Jessica Mullen, who is full of great ways to focus your thinking at the beginning of your day. Print lot, to put them in a folder and perform every day on your morning coffee or tea.

6. Find reviews of fun

Another way of going beyond the blank page of the stage and get your mind inspired to write? Find a lot of interesting insights that you are happy to think and write about, then spend every day in a different newspaper. The Internet has a huge reservoir of information for you to start searching only “signs in everyday life” and start collecting their favorites. Collect them all into a Word document or the first page of his diary and work your way down the list, or write each one on a piece of paper and fold it in a jar randomly select each day. publishers even created a document indications for each day of the year!

7. Mix this time

And probably you spend much of your day to write emails, so why not add hidden their daily practice? iDoneThis is a service that will send a message at the end of each day just ask what you did that day. Reply with a list of accomplishments or some brief reflections on the day and before you know it you will begin to have a deposit of his life.

8. Of course, once a year

If you really feel that you can not keep a daily habit throughout the year, but they want a little time to think and a folder of your year, try to subscribe to 10Q. Once a year, the courier you a question to ponder every day. Simply answer the email with your thoughts, then 10Q your answers will be locked in the safe. The following year, get answers from previous years that are sent, as well as 10 questions again, giving the opportunity once a year to see how far we have come and think about what you want always go.

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Quick sign for this year: The questions start to be sent in a few days, and once you’ve started, you can not join until next year!

Like any habit, logging is a practice that can take some time to come. Try to spend just five minutes each day next week to try one of these daily strategies, and see how you can grow from there!