Here are 10 essential things to consider when setting up.

1. Choose music
This may seem obvious, but the choice of music sold is a fairly fundamental choice. It is often best new labels for a relatively narrow point update this genre that they intend to sell. This also corresponds to the format / s, take some time and really think you will sell physical or simply a label download. Be realistic about physical products, which cost much to produce and do not want to stay with rooms full of CDs and vinyls struggling to sell. Listen to your friends and people around you get the product is the key to success.

2. Select the name
The next step is to create an identity for your label. Research your competitors and how they are marked. Create the right kind of identity label is extremely important since, in the international digital age this will be your showcase. Put together a list of names and try them with friends, remember to listen and not get to catch up with an idea. If you want a website, it is logical to include the label on it, so register your chosen name and make sure it is available. You can do this through the National Registry of Companies or if a corporation is set up, you can do so online through Companies House.

3. Establish a brand image
Similar to the importance of their record label name, you also need to produce the logo and brand identity. Keep it simple and easy to read, even small, because it is also the chance that your logo will resize to fit on banners and websites messages. Take time for your reference, there is nothing to prevent us from doing it yourself, but I recommend you seek professional help for someone to design. Remember that this is the first thing people will see, and if you want to be taken seriously, your brand has to be professional.

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4. Build a website / register the name
With the growing popularity of social networks and Facebook fan pages, etc., some people believe websites are becoming less important. I think this is rubbish! Sites give you a basis for your customers to go get everything you need to know about you, your releases, concerts, videos, and especially a shop to sell their music. You can always create social media pages and links through its website. Now you have two options when it comes to building a website.
1. There are a number of design agencies who sit and transform your thought process in an entity well delivered and well designed, if it costs some money, but it leads to a pleasant experience valid for the user, which could be the best money you spend on this point in the trunk of your label.
2. Use a free service like WordPress that works more like a blog. WordPress allows you to record, update and is a very easy operation site. It also looks very professional all you need is a hosting service with at least one database including PHP.
If you are on a budget, I recommend WordPress and ease of upgrade.

5. Get your tracks sound good / Mastered
This is the product sold, which is so important for their professional sound tracks. There are two things you can download a track, one layout and the other is the mixture. Perfecting any of these things could make the difference between success and failure. Compare your tracks against their competitors in the various speakers and the listening devices again. I always listen to my songs in my car gives me a good perspective, and ask my friends. Friends tend to love what you do, so I really try to get constructive criticism on them, they do not want your label is known as an outlet for mixed tracks wrong.
Dominate – today, many bedroom producers do not receive their master tracks correctly, you want your label to be seen this way? The control can cost money, but still worthwhile, you want to look professional, you need to look professional. Forget to use your companion with a cracked logical copy and mastering plug-ins that crush your computer every hour. Investing money and get your tracks mastered professional level, which is especially important if you press vinyl.

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6. Promotion
Now is the time to do some interesting buildings for its new tracks, logo and website. Advertising is expensive, but you can do a lot of advertising online car, and there are artists who now use social media for most marketing. Create Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube, Twitter and even MySpace account, and try to be active in them. Do not overwhelm your audience with unnecessary information, such as how much you hate the neighbors dog, but keep enough staff, did not come across the company and lifeless online and try to meet all the world that messages, hints personal go a long way.
Start building a database of email address and start a newsletter with updates and shapeless, people like free stuff!

7. Know the contract
Now you have a lot of work, why not start making some money from their artists. If the label of your music released by other artists, then make sure your agreement with them is fair and binding. And that does not mean putting high-powered lawyers. Provided that the terms agreed are clearly set out in a document, printed and signed by you and the artist in question, then it is running. It is up to you to negotiate the terms and agreements and remember that anything is better written, so if something were to happen to have a legally binding letter to fall back.

8. Make your artists play live
Although record sales start to increase steadily, the amount that we will see our favorite artists turned right up. Playing live is the most effective form of advertising and drive to address the sales units. Be sure to connect your site and even get a partner to set up a booth with your merchandise, t-shirts, CDs, etc. This is a great way to get your brand out there.

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9. Collect Royalties
royalty collection takes time, and there is often a delay of at least 6 months, so you should consider when planning the press. Register with the PRS and MCPS and research what they offer in way to record your tracks and collect money publishing.
Remember also that the owner of the label is in control of the sampling questions, think twice before releasing the track with his voice of Nina Simone!

10. fiscal accounts / income
When the money starts rolling in, and platinum tracks, you will have to pay a percentage to the tax authorities as income tax. It’s the law, so make sure you book and every penny counts. Set up a spreadsheet with columns of income and expenses, such as costs related to the management of your company can be claimed against tax, for example, you do not pay tax on business phone calls, concerts with artists of conduct, which runs the website, etc. If your label publishes music of other peoples, also have to pay them, of course, this is subject to their agreement.